Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Mobile, AL: Mobile woman sought court-ordered protection from boyfriend one day before shooting

MOBILE, Alabama -- The day before she was shot and killed, Christy Golston asked for court-ordered protection from abuse against her boyfriend, a prosecutor said today.
Mario Davis, the 24-year-old father of Golston's two children, is accused of shooting Golston, 25, in a west Mobile apartment on July 17 and fleeing to Atlanta, where he was later captured by federal marshals.
Investigators have revealed few other details about the case. A homicide detective was expected to testify in a preliminary hearing this morning.
But Davis' defense lawyer, Jeff Deen, instead waived the hearing and conceded that the prosecution has enough evidence for the case to be heard by a grand jury.
Davis was brought before District Judge George Hardesty in handcuffs as family and friends of both Davis and Golston looked on in the crowded courtroom.
The judge did listen to arguments about whether Davis should be granted bail while waiting for trial.
Assistant District Attorney Jennifer Wright told the judge that Davis has a pending domestic violence charge against him in Mobile Municipal Court.
Furhermore, she said, the day before Golston was shot and killed, she sought court-ordered protection from Davis in Mobile County Circuit Court.
Davis fled to Atlanta just after the shooting and led federal marshals on a high-speed chase, Wright said, which should be proof that he represents an ongoing flight risk.
In response, Deen said that Davis has family in Mobile and would submit to electronic monitoring and periodic reporting, if granted bail.
Hardesty denied the request for bail, which means Davis will remain in custody while waiting for trial. Felony cases are often pending for six months or longer before going to trial.
Outside of court, family members of Golston and Davis declined to comment.
Wright also declined to comment further about the case.
According to court records, narcotics investigators in 2009 obtained a search warrant for the couple's apartment on Azalea Road and found crack cocaine. The pair were arrested and charged with possession of cocaine and possession of drug paraphernalia.
Golston pleaded guilty to having drug paraphernalia, and the prosecution dropped the possession charge. She was ordered to one year of probation.
Meanwhile, Davis faced two counts of possession of cocaine, but a grand jury never issued an indictment.
The Mobile County District Attorney's Office also pursued forfeiture of cash and a car taken from the couple's apartment. The prosecution argued that $2,540 represented profits from illegal drug sales and a 1986 Chevrolet Caprice was used in transporting drugs.
Circuit Judge Joseph Johnston in March 2011 issued a final order that the cash be seized by police and the vehicle returned to its owners.

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