Wednesday, August 22, 2012

San Diego, CA: Husband 'killed his wife and two children in murder suicide bid just a few weeks after she filed for divorce'

The husband of the woman who was found dead in her home with her two children on Sunday is believed to have murdered them before attempting to kill himself, because his wife filed for divorce just weeks before.
Police also revealed that Clarence Blunt, 55, who was found seriously injured next to the bodies of his wife Lilly Nguyen Blunt, 33, and their two children, murdered a gas station attendant with a hatchet when he was 17-years-old.
The bodies were found in what was described by police as a blood bath at their Paradise Hills home in San Diego. Blunt was taken to hospital. No details were available on his condition.

Officers were called to the home by an unidentified relative who asked police to check on the welfare of the family.
Court documents show that Mrs Blunt filed for divorce from her husband of seven years on August 3, citing irreconcilable differences.
She had been granted a restraining order against him a few days earlier, according to UT San Diego, saying she was scared of what he might do as he had hit her before and threatened violence when he found out about the divorce.
Mrs Blunt said in the documents that her husband rushed at her and screamed: 'I want to hurt you right now. If you want a divorce it will be ugly, will be a war between me and you.'
Autopsies are pending on the mother and her children - daughter Lianna, three, and seven-month-old Richard.

On the documents, Lilly revealed that on July 16 her husband followed her to a hotel and threatened her.
But Blunt denied these claims and said he wanted his family to stay in their home environment rather than a shelter.

A hearing scheduled for August 3 was taken off the calendar, at Lilly's request. No reason was given.
Records also obtained by UT San Diego show that Blunt has a history of both criminal convictions and mental illness.
In November, 1973, records show that Blunt and another teenager stopped at a gas station. When the attendant didn't come out to serve them for some time, he pulled a hatchet from the trunk and demanded money off the employee before bludgeoning him to death.
Blunt and his teenage co-defendant fled with about $150, two cases of oil and the victim’s wallet, according to court documents.
A different man was initially charged and convicted but was released after Blunt - who had by then become a Jehovah’s Witnesses - gave himself up to police.
The 55-year-old also has robbery, burglary and theft convictions. Other domestic violence cases were filed against him. He has additional children from a former marriage.
According to court documents stemming from a theft in 1996, Blunt suffered from a personality disorder and had experienced 'dissociative episodes' since adolescence.
It was said he suffered abuse and neglect through his childhood and never received the treatment he needed.

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