Monday, August 20, 2012

Lake Charles, LA: Sentencing Aug. 24 for 2 women convicted of killing 1 woman's husband; life is only sentence

LAKE CHARLES, La. — Life in prison is the only option when two women are formally sentenced Aug. 24 for the death of one woman's husband.

Robin Little Davis and Carol Noland Saltzman were convicted in May of second-degree murder of Bryan Davis. He was shot four times on June 29, 2009, and his body was found two days later.

Judge David Ritchie rejected requests Wednesday for acquittal or a new trial, the American Press ( reported.

Ritchie said Bryant's opening statement was "thin" but met legal requirements.

Hinch argued evidence failed to show beyond a reasonable doubt that Saltzman was a principal. But Bryant said their close relationship and their actions on the day of the murder showed that they "worked in concert together."

Bryant also said it took two people to commit the crime.

"The verdict in this case is appropriate," Bryant said.

Before closing arguments, Davis and Saltzman had less serious charges such as manslaughter and negligent homicide removed from possible verdicts.

Jurors normally can choose among the original charge or lesser offenses.

Ritchie asked the women if they understood that conviction on a lesser offense would carry a shorter sentence. The maximum for manslaughter is 40 years in prison, and that for negligent homicide is five years.

Both defendants said they were sure they wanted the lesser offenses removed.

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