Thursday, June 30, 2011

Chesterfield, VA: Police: Shooting was attempted murder, suicide

CHESTERFIELD - Chesterfield County Police continue to investigate what appears to be an attempted murder and suicide in Chesster .

Police were called to a residence in the 11200 block of Heathstead Road at about 10 a.m. on Sunday. Upon arrival, police found Tammy B. Ginyard, 38, who had been shot and was lying in the living room. Police soon found John S. Miller III, 44, who had been shot and was lying dead in an upstairs bedroom from an apparently self-inflicted gunshot.

Police are awaiting the results of the autopsy and forensic evaluations in order to complete their investigation.

Ginyard was transported to Virginia Commonwealth University Medical Center in Richmond with life-threatening injuries. She remains at the VCU Medical Center receiving treatment at this time.

Orlando, FL: Two people killed in murder-suicide in Orlando

Two people are dead in an apparent murder-suicide at an apartment complex in the Metrowest area of Orlando.

Orlando police said they responded to a report of shots fired just after noon Thursday at the Palms Club Apartments on Metrowest Boulevard. When they got there they found two people dead. They were Carry Dorcelus, 28, and Samuel Joseph, 28.

Orlando police say two small children were found in the home. Grandparents are now taking care of them.

Newport, VT: Suspect claims husband's death was failed murder-suicide

Newport, Vermont - June 30, 2011

It's a crime that has shocked the small community of Brownington.

"They were a nice, normal family," neighbor Lea Whiting said.

For nearly two years the public thought Charles Billis, 57, died in a tragic car crash just a few hundred feet from the family home. His wife Christine Billis, 44, went off Route 5A and hit a tree.

"There were a lot of people that knew the Billis and had some suspicions but there was nothing we could substantiate," Vt. State Police Sgt. Darren Annis said. "The investigation came to a standstill."

But the case was cracked wide open in recent months.

"We discovered some additional evidence that led us to believe this was not an accidental crash, it was done on purpose by Ms. Billis," Annis said.

Detectives say that information came from a person who recently met Christine Billis online and claims she admitted killing her husband. That person eventually met Billis in person and recorded conversations. Those tapes were turned over to police. In one of the recordings Billis said it "took months finding a way they couldn't prove it."

According to court papers, Billis went on to tell this person that her husband was controlling and threatened to kill her, she couldn't take the mental and verbal abuse, and wanted a divorce. When police confronted her about the taped conversations they say Billis eventually confessed, saying, "I saw the tree... the crazy part was that was the most beautiful thing I saw in my life... I couldn't take it anymore... Not gonna leave him with the kids... My intent was to kill both of us."

Billis is charged with first-degree murder. She suffered an anxiety attack just before the hearing, so Vt. Superior Court Judge Robert Bent wouldn't let her enter a plea.

"I am going to hold her without bail and she is remanded for evaluation at the State Hospital for competency," the judge said.

The judge also wants Billis to be examined to determine her sanity at the time of the crash. She has a history of mental illness.

Police wouldn't elaborate on the nature of the relationship between Billis and the informant, but clearly she trusted this person because according to court papers, after she was questioned by police, she told this person, "I'm busted."

Monterey County, CA: Man claims self-defense, heat of passion in 1990 triple homicide

Fueled by rage, a defense lawyer told a jury Wednesday, a former Monterey County man shot dead his wife and her cousin after a struggle over his gun caused it to fire — a bullet fatally striking his son.

County deputy public defender John Klopfenstein's remarks came during opening statements in the trial of Ramon Esparza Rios, who was sought for about 20 years in the Jan. 6, 1990, shooting deaths of his son, Luis Esparza, 12; his wife, Concepcion Esparza, 36; and his nephew, Jose Hernandez, 23, in the family mobile home on the Silva Ranch off Bitterwater Road, just outside King City.

Rios, 60, has been charged with first-degree murder in the slaying of his wife and her cousin, and faces second-degree murder in the death of his son. He also faces special allegations of multiple counts of murder and using a firearm during a commission of a felony.

Rios was extradited back to Monterey County after being taken into custody by the U.S. Marshals Service in November 2010, in Mexico City. The county District Attorney's Office was notified in June 2010 that Mexican authorities had Rios in custody after learning that he may be a wanted suspect for the slayings.

The defendant claims that his son's death had been an accident and that he shot his wife in self-defense after she threatened him with a knife. Klopfenstein told jurors that his client The defendant claims that his son's death had been an accident and that he shot his wife in self-defense after she threatened him with a knife. Klopfenstein told jurors that his client shot Hernandez in the heat of passion, which counts as involuntary manslaughter.

In his opening statements, he shared with jurors what his client is expected to testify later in the trial. Klopfenstein stated that after Rios returned home, he encountered his drunken wife and a man in his home. He said that Rios didn't realize at the time that the man was his wife's cousin. By the time he returned home, Klopfenstein stated, Rios had already consumed half of a 24-pack of beer. Besides bringing home a 12-pack of beer, he said, Rios also had with him a 9-mm handgun he had recently purchased.

His refusal to lend his wife his gun, Klopfenstein said, and the subsequent move by Hernandez to grab it caused a struggle that led to its going off. Hearing a noise from the bedroom, he said, Rios rushed to the bedroom to find his son dead — a death he blamed on his wife and her cousin.

"As a result of this, he was threatened by his wife with a knife and potentially she then put the knife down and grabbed the potato peeler and came at him a second time — both times [she] said: 'I'm going to kill you,' and that's when Mr. Rios [fired the gun]," Klopfenstein said. "All this occurred within seconds of him finding out that his son had been killed for the struggle over the gun ¶. He was in a rage, he was crazy and he was threatened."

Meanwhile, the prosecution seeks to prove that Rios' story does not match with physical evidence found at the scene, as well as witness statements.

Steve Somers, a county deputy district attorney, said that while the death of Rios' son was an accident, it is still considered second-degree murder. Somers briefed jurors on the evidence they can expect during the trial, including testimony by Rios' daughter, who was 18 years old at the time of the killings.

He said Rios' 17-year-old son, who also was present, heard loud voices and sounds of his father beating his mom, stating that "he heard it enough, he recognized it." Somers stated that Rios confronted his son while holding a gun, showing how his wife had cut him with a potato peeler. He said Rios' daughter, who also heard her father beating her mother, came out of her room and asked him to calm down.

Somers told jurors that Rios' daughter also saw him holding a gun while her mom hid in the kitchen before she went back to her room.

Shortly after, he said, gunshots rang out.

"When they both emerged from their bedroom, Orlando ¶ was kind of slumped forward on that bed where he had been; their mother was dead; Jose was dead," Somers said. "Their dad was standing there still holding the gun, saying: 'Oh my God, I killed my son!' Their dad headed out the door, got into his truck and they haven't seen him again for the last 20 years."

Decatur, GA: New evidence in daycare murder

DECATUR, Ga. -- Newly released evidence in the Dunwoody Daycare murder has been released and it focuses on the relationship between accused killer Hemy Neuman and the wife of murder victim Rusty Sneiderman.

The evidence is a paper trail of trips Hemy Neuman and Andrea Sneiderman made to Colorado and South Carolina over the past year.

Last July Andrea Sneiderman stayed at a Hampton Inn in Longmont Colorado from July 18 to the 23 of 2010. Hemy Neuman had a plane ticket to Colorado on the 21st, but there is no record that he booked any room.

Attorneys for Neuman's wife say these documents prove allegations that the two were having an affair.

Prosecutors also have reservation information for Neuman at a Greenville Hotel in August of last year, and receipts from Andrea Sneiderman from that weekend.

Also on the evidence list, fibers from a fake beard that Neuman allegedly wore the day of the murder. And there is an e mail Rusty Sneiderman's father wrote to the district attorney just last month detailing a conversation he had with daughter in law Andrea within minutes of the shooting.

And prosecutors also say a neighbor of the Sneiderman's reported seeing a silver van outside the family's home the day Rusty Sneiderman was killed. Prosecutors say Neuman rented a silver Kia Sedona the day of the murder.

New London, CT: Norwich man charged with murder in death of wife

New London, Conn. —
State prosecutors today upped the ante in a pending Norwich homicide case, substituting the charge of manslaughter with one count of murder against Chihan “Eric” Chyung, who in 2009 was charged with shooting to death his wife, 46-year-old Paige Bennett.

Assistant State’s Attorney David Smith made the announcement during Chyung’s regularly scheduled appearance in New London’s Part A court.

Chyung is accused of shooting his wife on June 2, 2009 after an argument at their 257 Norwich Ave. home. Chyung claims his wife’s death was an accident, that he was packing his Glock 9 mm pistol into a suitcase when it went off. Bennett was shot in the head.

Chyung claims his “finger was not consciously on the trigger when he fired it,” according to a police report.

Smith said today that evaluation of the evidence, including newly-obtained forensic reports warranted the upgraded charge.

Woolf, however, claimed the state was “overstretching.”

“I don’t think they have a scintilla of evidence that he intentionally killed her,” Woolf said.

Woolf said he looked forward to a probable cause hearing, scheduled to start on Aug. 16, to cross examine state witnesses,

Bennett’s mother and daughter were among several family members in court today to applaud the news of the upgraded charge.

D'Iberville, MS: Man charged in wife’s murder

D’IBERVILLE -- Evidence in the fatal shooting of U.S. Navy member Philomena Roberts on June 1 indicates her husband fired more than one round inside their home, killing the 44-year-old woman with a gunshot wound to the chest, Police Chief Wayne Payne said.
A judge charged Troy Eugene Roberts with murder Wednesday when he was brought to the Harrison County jail courtroom for an unrelated hearing. He has been held since the shooting on a charge of felon in possession of a concealed weapon, identified as a switchblade.
Justice Court Judge Albert Fountain set the bond on the murder charge when he signed an arrest warrant. The $5 million bond is in addition to a $100,000 bond on the previous charge.

Court records in Newport News, Va., show Troy Roberts was convicted in 1991 of second-degree murder in the stabbing death of a man. He received a 15-year sentence.
Troy Roberts is 41 and faces life in prison if convicted on his wife’s murder.
Payne said the gun that killed Philomena Roberts has not been found and police aren’t sure of a motive.
The woman, from Arkansas, had been in the Navy 14 years. The petty officer 1st class was a logistic specialist with the Seabee Readiness Group in Gulfport. She was a survivor of breast cancer, friends said, and had a son who no longer lived at home.
After the shooting, police said Roberts told them he and his wife had been out drinking, and said he had dropped her off at the house and later returned to find her lying on the floor. He called 911 about 4:52 a.m. from their home on Forest Drive off Brodie Road.
“We have confirmed they went out to a casino together,” Payne said, “but we do not believe the wife had been drinking.”
“We have spent long hours interviewing witnesses, including some from other states, and recovering evidence leading to this arrest,” Payne said.
Payne said numerous agencies were helpful in the investigation, including the Naval Criminal Investigative Service, Biloxi police and the Mississippi Crime Lab.
“We have talked to the District Attorney’s Office about this case at least once a week,” Payne said.
Payne said other details won’t be released until the case is brought to court for a preliminary hearing.
Philomena Roberts was a member of Little Rock Baptist Church in Gulfport.
She had served on the USS Merrimack and USS Nimitz. She also had been stationed in England at the Naval Air Facility Mildenhall and in Virginia at the Center for Combat Learning Site and the Naval Special Warfare Group 3.

Richland County, SC: Deputies: Wife Gave Paraplegic Veteran Husband Pills to Kill Him

Richland County, SC (WLTX) -- Deputies say a 68-year-old woman killed her paraplegic bedridden husband by giving him too strong a dose of prescription medication.

Investigators with the Richland County Sheriff's Department charged Carol Kring Ross of Bee Ridge Drive in the Spring Valley community with murder after they arrested her Wednesday evening.

Sheriff Leon Lott said an autopsy report said the victim died of an overdose of prescription medication that was prescribed to him. Medication prescribed to Ross was also found in his system, according to the same autopsy report.

Deputies say they received a call before 6 p.m. from Ross, and they say the woman threatened to kill herself. When authorities arrived to the home, the couple's daughter told them that Ross had given her father "too many pills."

Investigators arrived to find the man, who did not have arms or legs, unresponsive in his bed. The man was immediately transported to the Dorn Veterans Administration Hospital on Garners Ferry Road.

The daughter said she came home from school to find her father saying, "your mother gave me too many pills," according to deputies.

"This is a tragic situation," Lott said in a written statement. "If at any time you feel too stressed in situations such as this, seek help."

Lott said the victim had been bedridden for five years, with no way to take care of himself. He said Ross was the man's primary caregiver and was responsible for his health.

Lott said, "This is just a senseless killing that could have been avoided."

Detroit, MI: Detroit man charged in death of pregnant girlfriend, 19

A 21-year-old Detroit man has been charged in the killing of his 19-year-old pregnant girlfriend in May, according to the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office.

Jomiah Washington has been charged with first-degree murder, willful killing of an unborn child, mutilation of a dead body and felony firearm, the prosecutor’s office said.

According to the prosecutor’s office, the girlfriend was killed and her body was burned May 28 in the 14000 block of Abbington in Detroit.

Washington is scheduled to be arraigned at 1 p.m. today in Detroit’s 36th District Court.

Reading, PA: Deputy killed in shootout in Pa.

READING, Pa., June 30 (UPI) -- A sheriff's deputy shot as a task force tried to serve a warrant in rural Pennsylvania died on the way to the hospital, police said Thursday.

The man who allegedly shot him was killed at the scene Wednesday evening, The (Allentown, Pa.) Morning Call reported. The shootout occurred in a wooded area near the Hawk Mountain Bird Sanctuary in Albany about 70 miles northwest of Philadelphia.

State Police reported that Berks County Deputy Kyle Pagerly, a K-9 officer, was shot as the task force searched for Matthew Connor, 25. Pagerly, 28, was transported to Lehigh Valley Hospital, where he was pronounced dead at 8:44 p.m.

Connor's family said he had threatened in the past to kill himself by provoking police. He faced charges for an incident Monday when he allegedly threatened his family and girlfriend with guns and fired into the air at two properties his father owns on Pine Swamp Road in Albany.

State Police said members of the task force were taking to Connor's girlfriend when he ran from the house with an AK-47 and into the woods.

Pagerly served in the Army as a military police officer in Kosovo and Iraq and was promoted to sergeant. He had extensive police training, the newspaper said.

Hillsboro, MO: St. Louis-area man sentenced to 30 years for killing daughter's boyfriend

HILLSBORO, Mo. — A St. Louis-area man has been sentenced to 30 years in prison for the fatal shooting of his daughter's boyfriend.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that 50-year-old David Fugate of Cedar Hill in Jefferson County was sentenced Tuesday in the 2010 killing of 22-year-old Michael Crutchfield.

Fugate testified that the shooting was in self-defense after Crutchfield pinned him to the ground. But prosecutors said Crutchfield was shot several times in the back.

The shooting allegedly happened soon after Fugate's 16-year-old daughter told him Crutchfield had beaten her.

Fulton, GA: Suspect in south Fulton shooting recently released from jail

A man wanted for shootings early Wednesday morning that left one dead and injured two others in south Fulton County was released from jail earlier this month on violent charges.

Sammy Lee Roberts, 22, is accused of the shooting incident reported just before 3 a.m. Wednesday at the Hickory Park apartments on Delano Road.

He was released June 2 from the Fulton County jail after a May 3 arrest on charges of battery, family violence, visible harm, criminal trespass and property damage, according to jail records.

As of Thursday morning, Fulton County police were still looking for Roberts, who is considered armed and dangerous, police Sgt. Scott McBride said.

Seven people shot were shot, two fatally, in three separate incidents in the Atlanta area Wednesday.

Six of the shootings, and both fatalities, took place at apartment complexes in DeKalb and south Fulton counties. A seventh person was wounded in a shooting in southwest Atlanta.

Officers responding to a 2:20 a.m. call about a domestic dispute at the Colony at Stone Mountain, a ramshackle apartment complex on Chatfield Drive off North Hairston Road, "discovered that multiple victims had been shot," DeKalb police spokesman Lloyd Ruffin said.

One victim, a man believed to be in his 20s, was killed, Ruffin said. Another man and a woman were taken to local hospitals in critical condition, he said.

Ruffin said officers located the suspect, who was holding two children and an adult female hostage near the incident scene. The suspect, whose name was not released, was taken into custody, he said.

The suspect, who was armed with a handgun, was charged with murder, aggravated assault and kidnapping.

In addition to those incidents, Atlanta police are investigating an overnight shooting that left a man in serious but stable condition.

Channel 2 reported that the man was shot near the intersection of Weyman and Ridge avenues in a southwest Atlanta neighborhood off University Avenue.

--Staffer Angel K. Brooks contributed to this report.

Towson, MD: Police issue warrant for boyfriend in death of woman, 25, and daughter, 4

Baltimore County Police have charged Brian Lamont Eggleston Jr., 28, with the June 27 murders of Alicia Avery, 25, and her 4-year-old daughter, Darry'el Parker, at the Welcome Inn on Loch Bend Drive.

Police said Wednesday that detectives have determined Avery had been involved in a romantic relationship with Eggleston.

At a press conference at the Baltimore County Public Safety Building in Towson, Chief Jim Johnson of the Baltimore County Police said they believe the homicides were the result of a domestic dispute — not Avery's role in assisting Baltimore City police in a homicide investigation.

Johnson said Wednesday that evidence within the first 12 to 15 hours of the investigation pointed toward a domestic dispute. Witnesses interviewed by police said Avery and Eggleston, who both lived in the apartment at Welcome Inn where the bodies were discovered Monday, had engaged in several domestic arguments since city police relocated Avery to that location, including one late last week.

"We are aware of reports of a domestic argument inside and outside that location several days prior to discovering the bodies," Johnson said. "At this point in time, we're not certain that this is the individual involved in that altercation with the victim. We believe it is."

On June 27 at about 4 p.m., officers arrived at the Welcome Inn to check on the well-being of Avery and her daughter, who hadn't been seen for several days.

Upon entering the apartment, the two victims were discovered dead in a bedroom.

In a press release, police said that autopsies revealed the victims had been shot, and that both deaths were deemed homicides.

An arrest warrant for Eggleston was issued today, charging him with two counts of first degree murder.

Police said they are aware Avery was pregnant at the time of her death, but are awaiting the results of a medical examination. After the medical examiner makes a determination, a third homicide charge could be brought against Eggleston.

Eggleston is currently detained at the Baltimore City Detention Center after being arrested Monday on heroin distribution charges in Baltimore City.

He is being held on $75,000 bail, and the homicide warrants will be served upon his release from custody at that facility.

Maryland court records indicate that Eggleston was charged in 2003 with possession of marijuana with the intent of distribution. For that, Eggleston was sentenced to nine months of supervised probation.

Yesterday, the Baltimore Sun reported that Avery and her daughter had been at the Welcome Inn because she was a witness in a murder case in Baltimore City. According to the Sun, city law enforcement sources said Avery was a witness in an investigation of a March murder in the city, and had been cooperating with police.

However, at Wednesday's new conference, Johnson made it clear that they believe the deaths are not related to her involvement with city police.

Johnson said he called Baltimore City Police Commissioner Frederick H. Bealefeld III this morning "to confirm with the commissioner of the city that Baltimore County had, in fact, charged an individual, and that it was domestic related, opposed to any activity related to her role in the city court system."

Johnson added that his department confirmed that Avery had been relocated to the county by city police only after being approached by the media, who learned of Avery's involvement from her family members.

"We attempted to clear up that Baltimore County hadn't placed her in that location," Johnson said. "It was a city relocation. It was not witness protection. She was relocated.

"The city is doing it's best to bring individuals to trial," he said. "They're reaching out to witnesses and they're assisting witnesses to relocate during the trial process in some cases."

Johnson and Commissioner Bealefeld had been in communication over the last 48 hours about the case.

While he noted that the circumstances of such a case — including the murder of a young woman and a small child — can have an impact on investigators, Johnson piled praise on his detectives, lab personnel, and others who assisted in bring the case to a swift end.

"The closure of this case within 48 hours is a testament to the quality and skill of this great department," Johnson said.

Portland, OR: Candlelight vigil held for man stabbed downtown

Family and friends remember a man killed on the streets of downtown Portland this weekend, while police continue to search for his killer.

About a dozen people gathered for a candlelight vigil to remember John Pinkney, who was stabbed to death on Sunday morning.

Portland Police say Pinkney got into a fight with another man near the corner of Northwest 6th and Davis.

They say that man stabbed Pinkney several times and left him for dead.

Pinkney's fiancee was nearby and she tried to rush over to his side.

"It was horrible, they wouldn't let me get to him. I just wanted to hold him and he was just laying there by his self and I wanted to hold him. I wanted to be the last person to hold him," said Shawna Ballard, Pinkney's fiancee.

The family says the fight was over an ex-girlfriend.

They say Pinkney had some troubles in the past but he was starting to go to business school and was turning his life around.

Crime Stoppers is offering a $1,000 reward for information to leads to an arrest in this case. You can remain anonymous. Call 502-823-HELP.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Florence, SC: Husband of slain woman charged in Florence double killing

Florence County sheriff’s deputies have arrested the husband of a slain woman in connection with Saturday’s double homicide.

Hiralkumar Gopaldas, 33, of 701 Coventry Lane, Florence, is charged with two counts of murder in the slaying of his wife, Punam Gopaldas, 30, and his mother-in-law, Vinaben Patel, 56, at 3119 Nicklaus Court in the Country Club of South Carolina, according to a sheriff’s office press release issued at 6:25 p.m. Tuesday. His booking card at the Florence County Detention lists his address as Microtel Inn & Suites at 1912 Enterprise Drive, Florence, near the Interstate 95/U.S. 52 intersection.

The release didn’t say when or where the suspect was arrested.

Florence County Coroner M.G. “Bubba” Matthews said both women were stabbed to death, confirming the information in the sheriff’s office release, with the younger woman suffering more wounds than her mother.

It’s not clear whether the weapon used in the crime has been identified or recovered.

Matthews said the women’s bodies were sent to the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston for autopsies, which revealed they had been dead in the home at least seven hours before they were found.

Sheriff’s Capt. Brett Camp said Monday the sheriff’s office received a phone call between 10:30 and 10:40 p.m. Saturday from an out-of-state relative who requested a welfare check after she was unable to get in touch with her relative.

Deputies arrived on the scene and realized the front door was unlocked. That’s when they entered the home and discovered the two bodies.

A child who was at the residence was not injured but was taken to an area hospital as a precaution and is with a family friend at a secure location, Camp said.

In an interview Tuesday afternoon, sheriff’s Capt. Mike Nunn said the child was delivered to Social Services and placed with a family relative.

“I want to give credit to our deputies and investigators who have worked around the clock to solve these horrible crimes,” Sheriff Kenney Boone said in the release. “Hopefully this neighborhood can rest a little easier in light of the arrest.”

Mary Pool, Marion County School of Practical Nursing coordinator, said Punam Gopaldas was a 2006 graduate. McLeod Regional Medical Center Administrator Marie Segars said Punam Gopaldas served McLeod patients for more than five years.

Investigators have not indicated a motive for the crime. Attempts to reach Camp, Nunn and Boone were unsuccessful by press time Tuesday.

Gopaldas likely will appear before a Florence County magistrate Wednesday for an initial appearance, according to the release. A circuit court judge must set bond, if any, for his release and will hear any issues related to bond pending trial.

Fort Walton Beach, FL: Man kills girlfriend over money

FT. WALTON BEACH, Fla. (WALA) - A Fort Walton man is accused of killing his girlfriend after an argument. Fort Walton Police said Benjamin Inman, 33, confessed to killing his long-time girlfriend, Tammy Shields, 33, on Sunday.

Shields’ best friend, Shawna Mckeithen, worked with her at the Bay Café. On Tuesday, Mckeithen was at work, missing her co-worker.

"I was supposed to be off work, and I worked a double for her. And it's just hard being here, and it's going to be hard being here and her not be here,” said Mckeithen.

Mckeithen said her friend struggled with addiction in the past, but was now very involved in Alcoholics Anonymous. Shields had been working at the Café for 11 years, bought her own house and tried to help others.

"She would do anything for anybody. She got her life turned around, and she got clean, and she wanted to stay clean, and she wanted others to stay clean,” said Mckeithen.

Mckeithen said this included Shield’s boyfriend of two years, Inman.

“This is something she struggled with, with him. She just always wanted him to do good and to stay off of drugs. And he struggled, and she really was just there to help him. She really wanted to get it and not venture back out, and he really just continued to,” said Mckeithen.

Mckiethen said she missed a call from Shields on Saturday night. They were both supposed to work the following day, but Shields never showed up.

"When she didn't show up for work at 10 o’ clock, I knew something wasn't right. I sent another employee over to her house, and he said her car was there, and he knocked on the windows but no response,” said Mckeithen.

Crime scene tape now surrounds the home on Lula Belle Lane for which Shields worked so hard.

Inside is where police said Shields' boyfriend, Benjamin Inman, killed her.

Inman was living with Shields at the time. Mckeithen said when she heard the news, she had a feeling he was involved.

“I knew it probably had something to do with her boyfriend because I knew he had a drug problem. I knew Tammy had access to all of their money - even his money - and I knew that it was something involving him. I knew,” said Mckeithen.

According to police, Inman admitted to officers that after an argument about money, he had struck Shields in the head with a wooden two-by-four as she slept in bed. Then he choked her.

Mckeithen said Shields was worried about Inman's life but not for her own.

“She said, ‘I’m so worried he is going to end up dead,’ and I think the thought would have never even crossed her mind that he would do something like this to her,” said Mckeithen.

Shields will be missed by many. Mckeithen said Shields is a one-of-a-kind person who had a heart larger than most.

After turning himself in at the Okaloosa County Jail, Inman was booked on an open charge of murder.

Ware County, FL: Waycross man killed trying to rescue niece; Ware County man charged

A Waycross man who went to rescue his niece from a domestic dispute was shot to death early Sunday when he tried to drive away after a fistfight with a Ware County man now charged with murder.
William Preston Cowart, 36, died after being shot several times with a high-power, 7mm rifle about 12:30 a.m. at Kevin Alan Sears' home in the 5000 block of Hayley Way, Ware County Sheriff Randy Royal told the Times-Union.
Sears, 21, remained jailed without bail Tuesday on a murder and aggravated assault charges. Sears is charged with shooting Cowart while Cowart and his girlfriend tried to drive away after intervening in a dispute between Sears and Cowart's niece, Royal said.
Deputies found Cowart dead slumped over the steering wheel of his Nissan Pathfinder a short distance away from Sears' front porch. After arresting Sears, deputies searched his home and found a rifle they suspect was used in the shooting, Royal said.
Sears, Cowart and the two women had gone together to several nightclubs earlier in the evening, Royal said.
Authorities withheld the names of the women, who were not injured, because the investigation is ongoing.
Cowart and his girlfriend dropped his niece and Sears off at Sears' home.
A short time later, they returned after the niece sent a text message saying she needed help.
Witnesses told deputies that Sears and Cowart's niece were in a heated dispute when Cowart and his girlfriend arrived and intervened, Royal said. They distracted Sears long enough for Cowart's niece to flee.
Sears and Cowart then got into a fistfight, the preliminary investigation showed.
Cowart, who was unarmed, and his girlfriend then left the home. Sears followed them outside as they went toward Cowart's Pathfinder.
After Cowart got into the driver's seat, he was shot several times with a rifle. Cowart's niece had been getting into her car to leave when the gunfire erupted, Royal said.
Deputies found Sears was standing in the yard near the Pathfinder and arrested him without incident, Royal said.

Palm Harbor, FL: Suspect killed in Pinellas deputy-involved shooting

PALM HARBOR, Fla. - A man involved in a domestic dispute was shot and killed by deputies on Alderman Road in Palm Harbor Tuesday morning, according to deputies.

The shooting occurred just east of Belcher Avenue around 7:30 a.m.

The suspect, who has been identified as 73-year-old Edward Warren DiGrandi, was involved in a domestic dispute and had driven to Palm Harbor from Ohio, according to a sheriff's statement.

He broke into his ex-wife's Palm Harbor home armed with a handgun. She was able to escape to a neighbors house and call 911, but the suspect left before deputies arrived.

Officers spotted him on Alderman Road and stopped him. He got out of his vehicle and pointed the gun at his chest. He was ordered to drop the weapon, but turned abruptly and pointed the gun at the deputies, who opened fire.

"He pointed the gun at the deputies," said Chief Deputy Bob Gualitieri. "The deputies shouted commands at him to drop the gun. he then turned the gun away from himself and at the officers."

"Three deputies fired, striking the suspect several times," he said .

The suspect died at the scene.

Cheltenham Township, PA: Elkins Park man charged with killing mother of two

Police in Montgomery County have arrested an Elkins Park man in connection with the stabbing death early Tuesday morning of the 26-year-old mother of his children in their Cheltenham Township apartment.

Authorities arrested Clive S. Thompson, 28, in the parking lot of the township police station in Elkins Park where he was about to turn himself in.

The stabbing took place at Lynnewood Gardens Apartments at 2098 North John Russell Circle where police went shortly after they were called at 12:30 a.m. to investigate a woman's screams of "get out."

A witness said the screams were "prolonged," and sounded as if the woman was "hurt or scared," according to a statement released by Montgomery County District Attorney Risa Vetri Ferman and John J. Norris, Cheltenham police chief.

Police entered Apartment A and found Olivia Thompson, 26, on the bed in the master bedroom. She was bleeding from a large wound to her upper abdomen, Ferman said.

Thompson was pronounced dead a short time later at Albert Einstein Medical Center.

Authorities are unclear as to whether Olivia and Clive Thompson are married, but they were living in the apartment with two sons, aged four and eight, police said.

The older boy told investigators that he was in the living room watching TV when he heard his mother scream. Clive Thompson emerged from the bedroom and told the boy to go to his bedroom and shut the door.

Police said that Clive Thompson telephoned a friend, Carl Wint, and told Wint he had stabbed Olivia. Clive asked the friend to "come quick" to the apartment, but when he did, Clive was gone and Olivia badly wounded. The friend called 911 and administered first aid, according to the affidavit of probable cause attached to the criminal complaint.

A search of the apartment turned up a silver butcher knife with an 8-inch blade. The knife was 11 inches long and three inches wide at the widest point, the statement said.

Police said the knife, one of a set stored in the kitchen, was recovered from under the master bed.

Detectives also found that the door to the bedroom had been forced open and damaged, the affidavit said.

Wint told police that Clive and Olivia argued, and that Clive had told Wint the relationship wasn't working.

"In addition, Olivia wanted Clive to move out of the apartment," the statement quoted Wint as saying. Another friend who knew the couple said they had "infidelity issues," according to the affidavit.

Clive Thompson was arrested in the Cheltenham Township Administration parking lot, where he was stopped by detectives.

While being brought into custody, Clive said: "I am here to turn myself in, and I am sorry I did it, so sorry," according to the affidavit.

An autopsy conducted by the Philadelphia Medical Examiner's Office attributed the cause of death to the stab wound in the abdomen. The coroner ruled the death a homicide, police said.

The defendant was arraigned before Magisterial District Judge Christopher J. Cerski and being held in the Montgomery County Correctional Facility without bail.

A preliminary hearing is scheduled for 9:30 a.m. July 7 in Cerski's court at 8230 Old York Road, Elkins Park.

Contact staff writer Bonnie L. Cook at 610-313-8232 or

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Chattanooga, TN: Trial delayed again for woman charged with killing husband

The trial for a Whitfield County woman accused of shooting her husband in the head as he slept was postponed again this week.

Police charged Rita Spurgeon, 50, with murder last June after her husband, Audie, was found dead in his bed.

The trial, originally scheduled in February, was reset to begin this week, but Conasauga Judicial Circuit District Attorney Kermit McManus asked to delay it one more time.

McManus said he was ready to proceed until he received an extensive witness list from Public Defender Mike McCarthy last week and didn’t have time to prepare.

The trial is now scheduled for Sept. 26.

Rita Spurgeon first told investigators that an intruder had broken into the couple’s home at 335 Maple Grove Road, shot her husband, then fled. Authorities said she later admitted to pulling the trigger after further questioning.

For complete details, see tomorrow’s Times Free Press.

Gainesville, FL: Man charged with killing kitten

GAINESVILLE, Fla. -- Authorities say a north Florida man assaulted his ex-girlfriend, threatened her roommates and killed her kitten.
Gainesville police say 20-year-old Tamarcus Lamont Harper went to his ex-girlfriend's apartment early Sunday morning.
The woman told officers told police Harper kicked in her front door and attacked her. When she threatened to call 911, she says Harper threatened her and her two roommates.
The ex-girlfriend told police she left and went to work, but Harper was still in the apartment when she returned and another argument followed. At some point, the ex-girlfriend says Harper kicked the small cat, causing its death.
One of the roommates eventually called police.
Harper was arrested and charged with animal cruelty causing death, kidnapping, obstructing justice, resisting arrest, and three counts of battery.

Pelham, AL: Pelham man found guilty of manslaughter

A Pelham man is awaiting an Aug. 2 sentencing in the Shelby County Circuit Court after he was found guilty of one count of manslaughter related to the March 2009 death of 33-year-old Montevallo resident Wendy Louise Starnes.

Juan Ramirez
Juan Ramirez, a 36-yar-old Pelham resident, was originally charged with one count of murder, but a jury found him guilty of the lesser charge of manslaughter on June 23. The trial lasted four days.

Pelham police officers arrested Ramirez in the early morning hours of March 11, 2009, after they received a domestic dispute call at Ramirez’ mobile home residence at 126A Oliver St., which is behind the Mr. Transmission business off U.S. 31 in the southern end of the city.

When officers arrived on the scene, they found Starnes dead, and transported Ramirez to the hospital to be treated for injuries. After Ramirez was treated, he was arrested and charged with one count of murder.

According to Pelham police Lt. Scott Tucker, Starnes was staying with Ramirez at the mobile home when the death occurred. When police arrested Ramirez, the suspect gave officers “several dozen” false names, Tucker said.

“The victim was known to him in this case. She was living with him,” said Pelham police Capt. Larry Palmer. “They got into an argument, and he stabbed her.”

After Ramirez was arrested, he was transported to the Shelby County Jail, where he remains on a $500,000 bond.

According to Alabama law, a person is guilty of manslaughter if they cause the death of another person “due to a sudden heat of passion caused by provocation by law, and before a reasonable time for the passion to cool and for reason to reassert itself.”

In order for a person to be found guilty of murder, a jury must find a defendant intentionally caused the death of another person, caused a person’s death while committing or attempting to commit another felony or caused a person to die by “manifesting an extreme indifference to human life.”

“He claimed self-defense. He said that she came at him with a knife before he stabbed her,” Palmer said.

According to Alabama law, a manslaughter conviction could bring up to 30 years in prison and up to $30,000 in fines.

Allison, IA: Iowa man charged with first-degree murder in wife's stabbing death

ALLISON, Iowa — An Iowa man has been charged with first-degree murder in connection with the stabbing death of his wife.

Thirty-six-year-old Judy Petersen of Greene, Iowa was found dead in her home on June 4.

Authorities tracked her husband, Thomas Petersen, to South Dakota the following day. Petersen fled, and police say he rammed two police vehicles before being taken into custody on charges related to the pursuit.

The couple's two-year-old son, who was in the company of Thomas Petersen, was recovered unharmed.

Officers recovered knives consistent with Judy Peterson's wounds and bloody clothing that belonged to Thomas Peterson. Investigators also learned the couple had a history of conflict.

Thomas Petersen's bail is set at $500,000.

It's unclear if Petersen has an attorney.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Caseyville, IL: Self-defense or a case of murder? Caseyville woman charged with killing husband

A 24-year-old Caseyville woman is facing charges of first-degree murder in connection with the shooting death of her husband.
St. Clair County prosecutors on Saturday filed the charge against Nicole S. Brown, 24, of the 8700 block of Botanical Avenue.
Caseyville Police initially received a 911 call about a disturbance at the couple's residence about 7:15 a.m. Friday.

At the home, police found 28-year-old Montez J. Brown, who had been shot in the lower abdomen. The man was taken to Memorial Hospital in Belleville, where he was pronounced dead.
Nicole Brown was taken into custody Friday at the scene and was being held Saturday evening at the St. Clair County Jail.
According to police, Nicole Brown said it was a self-defense situation after long-term physical abuse. Police had been called to the house twice in recent years on domestic disturbances, but Nicole Brown had not filed charges against Montez Brown, police said.
Detective Jeff Wilkinson said they do believe there was domestic violence in the home, but Nicole Brown showed no signs of injuries after the shooting.
"A lot of her statements don't corroborate (self-defense)," said Det. Jeff Wilkinson, adding that Nicole Brown had given "conflicting statements" about what happened at the house.
"There's no evidence that it was premeditated or anything like that," Wilkinson said. "The false statements... and the time frame didn't add up."
Police said Montez Brown was shot with a .380-caliber Kel Tec handgun. Nicole Brown was treated for what police described as "self-inflicted knife wounds to her left forearm."
Montez Brown was on parole, having recently been released from the Illinois Department of Corrections after serving time on a weapons charge, police said. The couple was in the process of divorcing, Wilkinson said.
Police said the couple's 6-year-old daughter was at the home at the time, but was upstairs and didn't witness the shooting. The girl is now with relatives.
St. Clair County Associate Judge Richard Aguirre set bail at $1 million.

Albany, GA: Fatal shootings appears to be murder-suicide

Prosecutors say a woman who killed her ex-boyfriend and herself late Sunday night also planned to kill another woman.

Luckily, that woman wasn't at the man's northwest Albany apartment when the killer showed up with a gun.

The District Attorney says the killer told a relative she planned to kill everyone in the apartment.

The investigation into the fatal shootings is still ongoing, but Prosecutors say it appears to be a jealousy driven murder suicide.

Prosecutors say the woman started an argument at 30 year old Michael Williams apartment on Graystone Lane about 4:00 Sunday afternoon. And then returned about 11:30 Sunday night and shot Williams in the chest, then shot herself in the head.

The two bodies were found inside Michael Williams home in Greenbriar Apartments. Police say 28-year-old Marissa Nisbett, the woman killed in the double shooting, was William's ex girlfriend.

Albany Police Media Manager Phyllis Banks said "She is approximately 28. She has family in New York and Florida."

Prosecutors say Nisbett was driving a rental car from Atlanta when she went to Williams apartment about 4PM Sunday, and found another woman with him.

Banks said "You have a female guest and an ex-girlfriend that shows up and sees that female guest."

Dougherty District Attorney Greg Edwards said "There was a physical fight inside of the apartment that resulted in Police being notified of the situation. "

Nisbett threw a cement rock through William's car windshield, and left before Police arrived. Prosecutors say it appears she came back just before midnight and shot Williams at least once in the chest while he sat in a chair.

Her body was found at his feet, shot in the head. Edwards said Nisbett told a relative in a phone call that she planned to kill the other woman too.

Edwards said "She was not there, and maybe fortunate for her because I think the information that we have available is that everybody was going to be killed, including everybody who was there. She is fortunate not being there, and is alive."

One man who was jogging in the apartment complex when Police arrived was detained and questioned, but then released.

Williams was the owner of Preferred Choice Home Health in Albany. One gun was recovered in his apartment, a 38 caliber revolver.

Police say the investigation continues, but they want to assure the public there is no other person involved. The bodies will be sent to the GBI Crime Lab Tuesday for autopsy.

North Platte, NE: Neb. man faces manslaughter charge in wife's death; details of alleged killing not released

NORTH PLATTE, Neb. — A North Platte man has been arrested for manslaughter in his wife's death.

Police told KNOP-TV that 35-year-old Michelle Diaz was taken by ambulance to a hospital about 2 a.m. Saturday. She later died.

Police say her husband, 33-year-old Roger Diaz, was arrested Saturday evening. Online court records available Sunday didn't reflect the case against him or list his attorney.

Details of Michelle Diaz's death have not been released. An autopsy has been ordered.

Aberdeen, NJ: NJ man charged with murder after estranged wife's body found buried off Garden State Parkway

ABERDEEN, N.J. — Monmouth County prosecutors say the body of a missing mother of two small boys has been found buried off the Garden State Parkway, and they've charged her estranged husband with murder.

Bail for 31-year-old Oscar Prior-Ramirez of Eatontown was set at $1.5 million. He's been hospitalized for undisclosed reasons since 26-year-old Viridiana Beltran Gomez went missing last month, and it's not clear if he's retained a lawyer.

Beltran-Gomez's body was found late Saturday afternoon, buried about 100 feet off the roadway near milemarker 119 in Aberdeen.

County prosecutor Peter Warshaw says investigators believe Beltran-Gomez died May 13, the day after she was last seen leaving her job at a Red Bank restaurant, but it's not clear how she was killed.

An autopsy was planned for Sunday.

Elizabethtown, KY: Cops: Man kills wife, cat in Ky. hotel

ELIZABETHTOWN, Ky (WISH) - Neighbors are painting a whole new picture of why a Noblesville woman was found dead inside a Kentucky hotel room.

The woman's husband told police he was helping in his wife's suicide. 45-year-old Michele Daughtrey was found dead in a hotel room at Holiday Inn Express over the weekend.

Lonnie and Michele Daughtrey lived in a Noblesville apartment complex for at least four years but were recently evicted.

Police arrested Lonnie Daughtery, 37, at the hotel in Elizabethtown, Ky. Detectives say he strangled his wife and killed the family cat. Lonnie Daughetry had superficial injuries as well. He's facing charges of murder and animal cruelty.

"From what I knew she had cancer, and they just found out and she's lived with a lot of different types of health problems," friend Michele Hendricks said.

"She had a plan, I don't think that he would ever kill his wife out of cold blooded murder, Michele had a plan, that's what she told so many people this time," Hendricks added.

"They said they were headed to Memphis, she wanted to spend the last few weeks of her life on the road, and seeing things she may have never seen before. They told me she had three to six weeks," neighbor Daniel Spurlock said.

Police in Kentucky said they wouldn't release much information, however they did talk to the local paper and told them that Lonnie didn't give a reason for his wife wanting to commit suicide.

Arkansas City, KS: Man held on second-degree murder charges in wife's death

ARKANSAS CITY, Kansas – An Arkansas City man is facing charges of second-degree murder in the death of his wife.

William Carson, 62, was arrested over the weekend for the murder of his wife, 68-year-old Terry Carson. William called police Sunday afternoon to report his wife had life-threatening injuries. They arrived to the home to find Terry Carson dead.

William and Terry, a retired teacher, had been married 38 years and had two children. Their son tells KSN their father loved their mother very much and would never have killed her.

Police, however, say William had superficial wounds to his face, neck and hands and there were signs of a struggle inside their home. No other details are being released at this time.

William Carson is currently being held on $500,000 bond. He is set to be arraigned Thursday morning.

Corcoran, CA: Corcoran PD: Man Admits to Killing Girlfriend

Corcoran Police say 53-year-old Manuel Aguilar walked into the police department on Saturday morning and told officers he killed his girlfriend.

Officers went to his home near Garvey and Perry Avenues where they found a 68-year-old woman stabbed to death.

The victim's name has not been released.

Police believe they have found the knife used to kill her.

Aguilar is being held at the Kings County Jail without bail.

Stay with KMPH News and as we continue to follow this story.

Milwaukee, WI: Milwaukee man shot, killed after firing at police

MILWAUKEE — Police say a domestic violence suspect has died after shooting at responding officers.

A police statement said a woman called and said her ex-boyfriend was trying to kick down her door early Sunday.

When officers arrived just before 5:30 a.m., police said the man, who had gained entry to the house, shot at the officers multiple times. One officer returned fire, hitting the suspect who died at the scene. The officer was not hurt.

Police said the suspect has a lengthy record including gun offenses, drugs, battery and domestic violence.

The 37-year-old officer was put on desk duty, which is standard after being involved in a shooting. He has five years of service and recently won an award for heroism.

Names have not been released.

Naples, FL: Cops: Girlfriend shoots boyfriend's pregnant dog because of an argument

A Naples woman is accused of shooting and killing her boyfriend’s pregnant dog during an argument.

Kelly Gresham, 43, of the 10000 block of Laakso, got into a verbal argument with her boyfriend Sunday during an evening out with four friends.

According to the arrest report, Gresham had several mixed alcoholic beverages. Gresham and her boyfriend began arguing, so the group decided to leave together.

During the ride to Gresham's home, Gresham reached from behind the driver’s seat and took the keys from the ignition. She then began punching her boyfriend in the face. Her friends were able to calm her so that they could continue the ride home.

Once home, Gresham proceeded to the bedroom where she said to the boyfriend, “You wanna hear something funny.” Gresham then shot and killed the boyfriend’s pregnant pitbull, according to the arrest report

Gresham was arrested by Collier deputies and faces felony charges of cruelty to animals, possession of firearm with ammo, shooting missile into dwelling building and a misdemeanor of domestic violence.

Gresham's criminal history revealed that she is a convicted felon.

Volusia County, FL: Deputies: Woman Shot, Killed Boyfriend

VOLUSIA COUNTY, Fla. -- Volusia County deputies said a woman was arrested and charged with second-degree murder after she allegedly shot and killed her boyfriend Saturday morning.
The shooting happened at the couples' home on Buckles Road in Pierson just before 9:00 a.m. Officials said 36-year-old Audra Anderson loaded her boyfriend, 38-year-old Robert Wood Jr. into the car and headed for the hospital. An ambulance caught up with them and treated Wood. He was flown to Halifax Medical Center where he was later pronounced dead.
Just before he died Saturday morning, Wood told police he must have shot himself.
Investigators said after questioning, Anderson admitted to shooting her boyfriend. Anderson admitted she and Wood had been arguing. According to deputies, Anderson said Wood slapped her Saturday and pulled a gun on her. She wrestled it from him and pulled the trigger thinking there was a blank in the chamber. When nothing happened, she fired again, allegedly lodging a bullet into Wood's chest.
While investigating the shooting, detectives said they came across 11 marijuana plants growing on the property.
Anderson was arrested and charged with second degree murder and cultivation of marijuana. She is being held at Volusia County Branch Jail.

Stroudsburg, PA: Police: Elderly Couple Dead In Apparent Murder-Suicide

STROUDSBURG, Pa. -- Police in the Poconos are investigating the deaths of an elderly couple from over the weekend. They said it appears to have been a murder-suicide.
The Stroud Area Regional Police Department said they are investigating the deaths of an elderly couple in Stroudsburg.
According to a release issued by police, Barbara and Richard Robinson, 83 and 76 respectively, were found shot just before 7:30 a.m. on Saturday.
When police arrived, they found Barbara already dead in her bed. Richard was also found in the bed with a gunshot wound. He was still alive.
Richard was taken to the Pocono Medical Center, then flown to Lehigh Vally Hospital Shock Trauma. He died there on Sunday just before 5:30 p.m.
Police said it appears the deaths were a murder-suicide. They said it appears that Barbara shot Richard, before shooting herself.
They said Richard has been battling dementia and Alzheimer's.
An autopsy is scheduled Monday for Barbara.
The couple lived in the Labar Village Development.

Kaibito, AZ: Domestic dispute leaves sergeant dead

KAIBITO, ARIZONA (KRQE) - Navajo Nation police responded to a domestic violence call Saturday night that left a police officer dead.

A Navajo Nation spokesperson said that Sergeant Darrell Curley, who responded to the scene, was shot in the small community of Kaibito, Arizona south of Page. He was transported to a hospital in Page, where he later died.

Another officer was injured, treated and released from the hospital.

The Navajo Nation Leadership released a statement saying:

“Navajo Nation President Ben Shelly and Vice President Rex Lee Jim express their deepest condolences to the family of Sergeant Darrell Curley. We will pray for the family and the Navajo police force. Every day it takes tremendous courage to go out and protect our citizens and we commend all Navajo Nation police officers for their distinguished service.”

Curley was with the Navajo Nation Police Department since 1985 and was recently a sergeant with the Tuba City District.

Navajo Nation police and the FBI are investigating the incident.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Article: Four incidents, seven deaths

In the past six months, seven lives have been lost in domestic violence situations in Cumberland County - five as homicides and two suicides.
Those deaths make up 10 percent of the domestic violence-related fatalities in Pennsylvania so this year.
District Attorney David Freed said investigations into the county’s homicides have shown there were some warning signs - some obvious, some subtle - but there is no common thread among the four incidents.
December 28, 2010 - Nicole Berman, 27
Nicole Berman’s body was found in her Silver Spring Township home Dec. 29 after her fiance, Gary Cartwright, called police and told them he strangled her the night before during a fight.
Cartwright, 27, was arrested after leading investigators to her body in the basement of the home they shared, police said.
“You guys can go ahead and take me in,” Cartwright told officers at the scene, according to court documents. “I killed her.”
Police said Cartwright appeared emotionally distraught at the time and explained that during the fight he panicked and strangled Berman.
According to authorities, there was no evidence of a previous history of domestic violence between Cartwright and Berman, who were planning a wedding for this year. But Freed said Thursday there were some signs that things were not going as well as before in the relationship.
Cartwright pleaded not guilty to a criminal homicide charge April 7.
According to court documents, he was scheduled for a pre-trial conference Aug. 16, but it has already been moved, with no future date listed.
The District Attorney’s office is not seeking the death penalty but is asking for a maximum life sentence.
January 11, 2011 - Trisha Marie Edelman, 21
Aware of several domestic violence issues from before, investigators immediately jumped full force into finding Trisha Marie Edelman after her mother reported her missing at 4:30 p.m. Jan. 11.
Less than 11 hours later, investigators burst into the New Cumberland apartment of Edelman’s former boyfriend, Adam Trump, and found him lying beside her body in a bed.
An autopsy later confirmed that Edelman was pregnant when she died of a gunshot to her abdomen. The unborn child was not killed by the bullet but died as a result of its mother’s death.
Edelman had a protection from abuse order against Trump, which prohibited him from possessing any type of firearm.
The couple’s nearly two-year relationship was plagued by numerous domestic violence incidents, including times when Trump strangled Edelman, pushed her down a set of stairs, pulled her hair and spit in her face.
The PFA came after police said Trump pointed a handgun at Edelman, covered her face with a pillow and threatened to kill both of them in July 2010 during a custody exchange of their 2-year-old daughter.
Edelman and Trump were scheduled to appear in court Jan. 13, the day after Edelman’s body was found, for a pre-trial conference on the criminal charges filed against Trump.
Given these circumstances, investigators were immediately concerned when Edelman’s mother reported she was missing and approached it as a possible hostage situation.
Authorities have said the child Edelman was carrying was not Trump’s.
According to text message records gathered by investigators, Edelman and Trump arranged to get together Jan. 10 for dinner at Trump’s apartment. In later messages, Trump mysteriously said goodbye to other friends and sent himself a message that said “Trish is dead, so am I,” around 9:30 p.m. Jan. 10.
Trump told investigators an hour after he was arrested Jan. 12 that he is bipolar and had been contemplating suicide, according to Detective Les Freehling of the District Attorney’s office.
He had hoped to have one last good memory with Edelman before taking his life and said they had dinner and watched a movie together.
According to Trump, they went to get cigarettes the next morning around 6 or 7 a.m.
While in his car, Trump told investigators he put a revolver in his mouth and cocked it, preparing to kill himself.
Trump then told Freehling that he lowered the gun when a neighbor came out, and as he brought it back to his mouth, Edelman grabbed it and the gun went off.
After that, Trump said, he went inside and took 840 milligrams of morphine, which was prescribed to him for his bipolar disorder.
At the hearing, Freehling said that he did not believe Trump was telling him “the whole truth” and that he does not believe Edelman’s death was an accident.
Trump, 25, faces charges of criminal homicide, criminal murder of an unborn child, prohibited possession of a firearm and theft by unlawful taking of a weapon.
Trump’s formal arraignment - where he will plead guilty or not guilty - has been delayed twice now and is scheduled for July 7 before Judge Albert H. Masland.
At the arraignment, the District Attorney’s office will announce whether it will seek the death penalty. Freed has previously said that his office is considering it a capital case.
June 5, 2010 - Lisa Goss, 46, and Melissa Harris, 43
East Pennsboro Township police received a call just after noon June 5 from a 17-year-old boy who had just been shot at by Melissa Harris, who previously lived with the boy’s mother, Lisa Goss.
The boy told police he was in his bedroom when he heard a gunshot. When he went out to check, he came face to face with Harris, who shot at the boy but missed.
The boy ran back to his room and locked the door, from where he heard a second gunshot before police arrived at the Sterling Court townhouse.
Police said Harris shot Goss inside the home before taking her own life. Autopsies of the bodies showed that both deaths were due to a single gunshot wound to the head.
Authorities said Harris had recently moved out of the home the women shared.
June 15, 2011 - Wendy K. Royer, 36, Paul Johnson, 34, and Robert Liddick, 41
Police said Robert Liddick shot Wendy Royer and Paul Johnson around 1:40 a.m. June 15 with a high-powered rifle at Johnson’s home in Hampden Township.
After the shooting was reported, police warned the public to be on the lookout for Liddick, who was considered armed and dangerous, and his 2008 Ford pickup truck.
The truck was found in West Fairview Point Park near Enola around 11 a.m. with a note inside. The details of the note have not been released.
Liddick’s body and a rifle were pulled from the Susquehanna River. An autopsy showed Liddick died of a gunshot wound to the head.
Police said that after Liddick shot Royer and Johnson, he went to the Summerdale Diner to contact police and report that a child was left alone in the home.
Johnson’s 18-month-old son was in the upstairs of the home when his father and Royer were killed.
Liddick and Royer had lived together in a home in a Camp Hill neighborhood since before the birth of their 8-year-old son and neighbors said they did not know of any problems between the two.
While Liddick served two six-month tours overseas, neighbors said, he would stay in touch with Royer and their son through video chat and email.
Neighbors added that they never heard the couple swear or raise their voices to each other or their son, but they also worked separate shifts and did not seem to see each other much.
At this point, a motive has not been released, but authorities have a theory and are waiting for the results from the testing of ammunition taken from the home Royer and Liddick shared on South 30th Street.

Memphis, TN: Former MPD officer dead, wife injured in attempted murder-suicide

(WMC-TV) - A retired Memphis Police officer died Friday and his wife was injured after what investigators call an attempted murder-suicide near Millington.

Regina Daniel was in extremely critical condition at the MED Friday night. Investigators believe her husband, Troy Daniel, shot her before turning the gun on himself.

It happened around 6:30 p.m. Friday at their home in the 6500 block of Walsh Road near the Woodstock community of Shelby County.

Troy Daniel was reportedly a retired Memphis Police officer. Neighbors said they saw Regina Daniel shortly before the double shooting.

"He had a stroke a year or so ago and you couldn't really talk to him and he seemed kind of said about that," said neighbor Deidra Bailey. "But I would have never dreamed this would happen."

"The residents don't need to be alarmed, does look like a domestic situation," said Shelby County Sheriff's Office spokesman Chip Washington. "We haven't pieced together the motive, but we're looking into it."

A neighbor who happens to be a nurse reportedly administered first aid after the double shooting. Troy Daniel was dead on the scene.

Seattle, WA: Murder charge filed in Greenwood domestic violence slaying

King County prosecutors have filed a domestic violence murder charge in the death of a North Seattle woman killed Sunday.
Filing charges Friday, prosecutors contend Mussie E. Weldeyohannes – a 43-year-old Oakland man with a history of domestic violence arrests – killed his girlfriend, Rahel Sium, while staying at her Greenwood apartment.
Weldeyohannes was arrested at 4:30 a.m. Tuesday in Woodland, Wash., after the stolen car he was driving got a flat tire, according to charging documents. He was subsequently delivered to King County Jail.
In charging documents, prosecutors contend Weldeyohannes blamed Sium for ruining his life by reporting his abuse to police in 2010. He is alleged to have strangled Sium while her 4-year-old daughter slept in the room where the killing occurred.
According to charging documents, another person living in the apartment was getting ready for church when he discovered Sium’s body at 6 a.m. in the bedroom she shared with her 4-year-old daughter. Weldeyohannes was missing, as was Sium’s car.
A medical examiner later determined Sium had been strangled.
Seattle homicide detectives responded to the scene and spoke with several people living in the home. None reported hearing any unusual noises during the night or arguments between Sium and Weldeyohannes.
Investigators then learned Weldeyohannes had sent a text message to a friend early that morning saying he was “sick in the head” and planned to kill Sium, Seattle Detective Jason Kasner told the court.
“From jail I just got out and now I can’t control myself, my mind,” the message read, according to a translation offered by prosecutors. “Because I went in, my life and Rahel’s life has to be taken by me.”
A Santa Cruz County deputy contacted Seattle detectives just before midnight the day of the Sium was killed to say another associate of Weldeyohannes had received a similar text message from him.
The following day, one of Weldeyohannes’ relatives contacted police after receiving a call from him via a Woodland pay phone. The man told police Weldeyohannes said he killed Sium because he loved her.
Seattle detectives contacted Cowlitz County authorities and circulated a bulletin with Weldeyohannes’ information. Woodland police arrested Weldeyohannes in a city park early Tuesday following a report from a resident.
Speaking in an Eritrean language, Tigrinya, Weldeyohannes allegedly told Seattle detectives he and Sium had had trouble in their relationship since she arrived in the United States in the summer of 2010.
Sium moved to Seattle while Weldeyohannes was incarcerated in California for making threats against her. Despite a restraining order, Weldeyohannes came to Seattle two weeks before the slaying to stay with Sium.
Writing the court, Kasner said Weldeyohannes told detectives he suspected Sium had taken up with another man. He then admitted to strangling Sium while her daughter was sleeping in the bedroom, the detective continued.
“He also admitted during the interview that he blamed Ms. Sium for ‘ruining’ his life, and explained that he made good money and that his life was good until he was sent to jail by Ms. Sium and his sister,” Kasner told the court.
Charged with second-degree murder, Weldeyohannes remains jailed on $2 million bail. He is scheduled to be arraigned July 7 at the King County Courthouse.
Check the Seattle 911 crime blog for more Seattle crime news. Visit's home page for more Seattle news.
Levi Pulkkinen can be reached at 206-448-8348 or Follow Levi on Twitter at

Rocky Point, FL: Couple found dead in Rocky Point home may be case of murder-suicide

MARTIN COUNTY — The bodies of a man and a woman were discovered Friday afternoon in a home in Rocky Point by Martin County sheriff’s deputies conducting a routine welfare check.

The deceased have been identified as Denise Miller, 51 and Richard Miller Jr. 59.

Deputies found the couple dead inside a residence on Southeast Forecastle Court. The woman appeared to have suffered multiple gunshot wounds, and the man a single gunshot wound, according to a Sheriff's Office press release.

Preliminary investigation indicates the case may be one of murder-suicide, according to the press release.

Deputies responded to the residence at 1:42 p.m., after an out-of-state relative contacted the Sheriff's Office expressing concern for the welfare of a family member. The relative said she had been unable to make contact with the relative for a few days.

Detectives with the Martin County Sheriff’s Criminal Investigations Division are conducting a death investigation and the medical examiner will determine a cause of death.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Luckey, OH: Sheriff investigating death of man near Luckey

LUCKEY — Wood County sheriff’s deputies called to a mobile home north of Luckey on a domestic violence report heard a gunshot from inside the trailer and found a 47-year-old man dead from an apparently self-inflicted wound Thursday evening, the sheriff’s office said.

Richard A. Kollarik was found dead at 7:08 p.m. inside the trailer at Troy Villa Mobile Home Park, 3561 Truman Road, in Troy Township between Luckey and Millbury.

No one else was injured, according to the sheriff’s office. The woman who made the domestic violence report was not inside the trailer when deputies arrived, according to the sheriff’s office.

The incident remains under investigation by the Wood County detective division and the Lucas County coroner’s office.

Pasadena, TX: Suspect in botched murder-suicide at Pasadena motel facing charges

PASADENA, Texas – Police on Monday filed charges against a Houston man accused of fatally shooting his lover and then attempting to take his own life.

Investigators were called to the scene of the shooting at the Palace Inn Suites in the 5300 block of Spencer Highway in Pasadena on January 3.

According to court documents, the first officer to arrive at the scene found Antonio Castellan, 53, in the driver’s seat of his Dodge Ram pickup truck with a gunshot wound to the head. Next to him was Alicia Matamacias, who was deceased. Police said she’d been shot in the throat.

The responding officer said Castellan was alive and moving when he got there, so he removed a .45 caliber gun from beneath Castellan’s leg.

Investigators said they found two spent shell casings in the vehicle, and the shots were fired from the confiscated weapon.

Police also said they found a flowers and a Valentine’s Day card from Castellan to Matamacias in the truck.

But Matamacias was legally married to another man. When investigators contacted her husband, he said he didn’t know if his wife was having an affair and he was at work when she was killed.

When they examined cell phone records from Castellan and Matamacias, police said they found numerous romantic text messages between the two.

Castellan survived the incident, but with serious injuries.

He’s been charged with murder.

Chicago Ridge, IL: Chicago Ridge man gets longer prison term in wife’s murder

A Chicago Ridge man convicted of slaying his wife, then stashing her body in a closet, was resentenced Thursday to more prison time on the order of the state appellate court.

Peter Golesteanu, now 33, fatally stabbed his wife, Anna Marchon, in their home in the 11100 block of South Ridgeland Avenue in April 2005, less than two months after their wedding on Valentine’s Day 2005.

Judge Jack Hynes convicted him of murder and concealing a homicide after a trial in early 2009 in Cook County Circuit Court in Bridgeview.

Hynes sentenced Golesteanu to 35 years in prison for the murder, plus three years for the concealment. The original sentence was to be served concurrently, meaning each day in prison counted toward both sentences.

But the appellate court ruled earlier this month that the sentence should be consecutive, for a total of 38 years in prison.

Evidence at trial showed Golesteanu killed Marchon after she called him a “piece of s--- alcoholic” and vowed to leave him.

After hiding her body in a closet, Golesteanu went on a two-day cocaine and alcohol binge, watching a Bulls game and eating pizza with his brother, repeatedly going back to sit by his wife’s dead body and touch her dead foot. He later confessed to his parents and police.

Seminole, OK: Statewide Search For Man Accused In Girlfriend's Death

SEMINOLE, Okla. -- A statewide search is on for a man who police said killed his 24-year old girlfriend in Seminole Thursday afternoon.

Adam Rollins, 28, is suspected of shooting Shiloh Mitchell in the couple's mobile home on Good Hope Road at about 1 p.m. Thursday, according to the Seminole County Sheriff's Office.

Deputies said Mitchell was shot several times in the chest while the couple's 2-month-old child was inside the home. The baby was not hurt in the incident, according to police.

Deputies said Rollins was last seen in a green 1995 Ford Taurus with a broken passenger's side window and windshield.

Anyone with information regarding this case is asked to contact police.

Salt Lake City, UT: Ex-boyfriend charged in 1986 murder in Salt Lake City

The Salt Lake County District Attorney’s Office on Thursday charged a man in the cold-case murder of Patricia Ramirez, whose body was found on a hillside above Memory Grove nearly 25 years ago.

Thomas Pennington — who was Ramirez’s ex-boyfriend — is charged with one count of murder in the second degree, a first-degree felony.

Court documents indicate Pennington, now 45, is in custody at the Tipton Correctional Center in Tipton, Mo. Bail has been set at $1 million.

Ramirez, 20, left her residence on the evening of July 8, 1986, and never returned. Her body was found five days later near 700 North Bonneville Boulevard.

Detectives said her skirt was unzipped, her shirt was torn, buttons were missing and her bra was torn in half. One half of the bra was used to strangle her.

Ramirez’s roommate, who filed a missing person report, told police Ramirez had left home to meet three people at the now-defunct Crossroads Mall in downtown Salt Lake City, according to charges.

The roommate told The Tribune at the time that Ramirez went to visit a boyfriend in Clearfield and collect a necklace from him and planned to return to her hometown of Brooklyn, N.Y., the next day. Police have said Ramirez was last seen exiting a bus at 50 S. State Street about 10:15 p.m. on July 8, 1986.

According to charges, police interviewed two witnesses who said they learned Ramirez had been killed when Pennington made statements at a party on the evening of July 8. A third man told police that he drove Pennington and two other men on an errand in which they appeared to dispose of a body.

Santa Clarita, CA: Missing Santa Clarita woman murdered; husband is person of interest

MONTEREY PARK, Calif. (KABC) -- An autopsy has revealed that Renata Klein, a missing Santa Clarita woman who was later found dead, had been murdered.

Her husband, 59-year-old Dusan Klein, is now considered a person of interest.

Authorities said the couple spoke to friends June 11, but that was the last time anyone heard from them. Family members reported them missing.

Days later on June 15, Renata Klein's body was found off Upper Big Tujunga Canyon Road. Authorities did not reveal how she died but they said her body appeared to have been dumped. Sheriff's officials confirmed Thursday that Reneta Klein was murdered.

Deputies believe Dusan Klein may be driving a 1999 gold Jeep Cherokee with California license plate number 4FLN519. He may be traveling with the couple's black and white cocker spaniel named Cindy.

Along with authorities, the couple's son is hoping for answers in the case.

"This is a tragedy. My mom didn't deserve to go out like this. She was a beautiful, caring woman. Today I'm going to her funeral, and I just need to know something. I need some closure," said Robert Klein.

The couple lived in the 28000 block of Wildwind Road in Santa Clarita. A foreclosure notice is taped on the front door.

Deputies admit the couple's financial background is something they are looking into.

"There were financial problems. In fact, they were due to be evicted from the house on Monday, June 13. So, they went missing on June 11. So, that may have been a factor in what happened. We don't know. That's speculation at this point," said L.A. County Sheriff's Department Lt. John Corina.

Who killed Renata Klein and why remains a mystery, and deputies are hoping her husband can help solve it.

Detectives described Dusan Klein, as 6 feet 2 inches tall, weighing 190 pounds, with brown hair and eyes. Authorities say he speaks with a thick, Czechoslovakian accent that's hard to miss.

Anyone with information regarding this case is urged to call the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department at (323) 890-5500.

Uniondale, NY: Apparent Murder/Suicide in Uniondale

A Long Island couple was found dead in Uniondale Sunday in an apparent murder/suicide, police said at a press conference held at Nassau County Police Headquarters on Tuesday, June 21. According to police, the estranged couple had a history of domestic problems.

The bodies of Camille Pierre, 31, of South Floral Park and Emile Pierre Jr., 36, of Uniondale were found in a Nissan Quest minivan at the intersection of Warwick Street and Arcadia Avenue on June 19, authorities said.

Camille died of a gunshot wound, and Emile died of a self-inflicted fatal gunshot wound, police said.

Police said they do not know for sure what sparked this fatal encounter, but said the couple was having custody problems. The couple had four children together, ranging in age from 14 months to 12 years old.

“That appears to be the motive,” Det. Sgt. John DeMartinis of the Homicide Squad said.

Unlawful encounters were not unusual for the couple, police said. Emile had been arrested numerous times for criminal contempt for an order of protection. His most recent arrest was June 7, DeMartinis said.

“Based on the history of the arrests and of domestic incidence reports, this couple clearly had a tumultuous and contentious relationship,” DeMartinis said.

He reported that alarm was first raised about the whereabouts of the couple in a phone call between Camille and her mother Sunday morning while Camille was headed to work at an assisted-living facility around 6:30 a.m. In the middle of the phone call, the victim’s mother heard, “Please don’t do this to me, BB. I have to go to work.” The call was then terminated, DeMartinis said. BB was Emile’s nickname.

“It’s not long before numerous resources in the Nassau County Police Department are used in this search to find our victim,” DeMartinis said.

After police found Emile’s abandoned car in the parking lot of Camille’s workplace on Merrick Avenue in East Meadow, an aviation squad, a canine squad and detectives were dispatched to search for the missing couple. Police discovered the minivan at around 3 p.m., DeMartinis said.

The couple, DeMartinis said, was not legally separated but living apart.

Lake Charles, LA: Lake Charles woman booked with second-degree murder in stabbing death

LAKE CHARLES, La. — A 20-year-old Lake Charles woman has been booked with second-degree murder in the stabbing death of a 22-year-old man.

Deputy Chief Mark Kraus said in a news release Jessica Ann Love was arrested in Tuesday night's death of Lawrence Edward Bryant.

Kraus said Bryant was stabbed in the chest and pronounced dead at a local hospital.

He said the stabbing stemmed from a quarrel the two were having in Love's apartment. He said the two were dating.

It was not clear whether Love has an attorney.

Saluda, SC: Woman Accused of Killing Husband with Car Arrested

Saluda, SC (WLTX) - A woman in Saluda has been arrested and charged with murder after police say she ran over her husband with her vehicle.

Aretha Rosser has been charged with murder and leaving the scene of an accident of an accident involving death.

Rosser turned herself over to officials at the South Carolina Department of Corrections Thursday afternoon.

Officers found Tony Rosser in the middle of a road near his home at about 8:40 a.m., suffering from massive head and body injuries. Rosser was taken to Self Regional Hospital in Greenwood, where he died at 10:21 a.m.

Police are investigating the possibility that there was a domestic altercation at their home before Tony Rosser's death.

Article: Domestic violence is all about ownership

The Times-Standard recently printed an AP article about a murder/suicide at San Jose State. The story was confusing, called the murders “inexplicable,” and quoting one official saying “no one may ever know what happened.” Police said they had no idea of the motives for the killing. Other press articles labeled it “tragic,” “bizarre,” “random,” and “senseless,” and speculated about a motive for the killings. This type of typical media coverage is extremely frustrating for experts and those knowledgeable about domestic violence.

The story reported that a husband had shot his wife and a male friend of hers as they were getting into a car on the campus. Although the initial reports stated there was “no history of domestic violence,” subsequent coverage revealed that neighbors had called security the week before because of loud noises and sounds of destruction in the couple's apartment.

In fact, this murder/suicide, another that occurred in Dexter, Maine,, and one that occurred in Essex, England, last week, all follow a very similar and common pattern. The motive is control. Batterers usually murder their partners, and sometimes their children, when they have lost access to them, oftentimes when their partner has left them or is about to leave them. Domestic violence is all about ownership -- the batterer believes he is entitled to the services and obedience of his victim -- and that she has no right to leave him. (Although the vast majority of batterers are men and victims are women, battering does occur in lesbian/gay/bisexual/trans relationships, and there are a few cases of men being battered by women.)
There is ample and substantial research that clearly shows that domestic violence homicides can be substantially reduced in a community which institutes a stringent criminal and civil justice response to battering -- automatic arrest, high levels of prosecutions, and a judicial response that jails the batterer when he violates a restraining order, or stops attending a court mandated batterers' program. Usually press coverage quotes criminal justice personnel/university officials who are scrambling to conceal their own errors or lack of action, hence the “senseless,” and “inexplicable” labels.

At Humboldt State University, the Sexual Assault Prevention Committee is seeking funds to expand its coordinated community response to include domestic and dating violence, seeking to implement an approach that promotes survivor safety and assailant accountability.

Because of problematic reporting about domestic violence homicides and suicides, the public is robbed of the opportunity for learning, understanding and opportunities for action. Here in Humboldt County, the Prevention Committee of the Domestic Violence Coordinating Council has developed the “Silent Witness” Project, which features life-sized silhouettes of people killed in domestic violence related events each with a name, age, and story. Twenty-five women (one was pregnant), two men, one child, one dog and one cat are remembered, and show in a highly visceral
way that it can and does happen here in our own community.

It is crucial for survivors (and their families, friends and allies) to understand that violence does not end when a woman leaves a battering relationship -- it often escalates. Leaving is the most dangerous time, and carefully crafted safety plans should be put into effect.

Those who are experiencing domestic violence can get help by calling: Humboldt Domestic Violence Services, 443-6042, the North Coast Rape Crisis Team, 445-2881 or WISH in southern Humboldt at 923-4100. Community members who would like to get involved in preventing domestic violence can call the Domestic Violence Coordinating Council at 601-6042.

Susan McGee is the coordinator of the Humboldt County Domestic Violence Coordinating Council.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Bangor, ME: Bangor woman arrested, charged with murder in Ohio Street death of her husband

BANGOR, Maine — A local woman has been arrested and charged with murder in the death of her husband, who was found dead at his Ohio Street home on June 13.

Roxanne Jeskey, 48, has been charged in the death of Richard Jeskey. Roxanne Jeskey was arrested shortly before 7 p.m., according to Bangor police Lt. Jeff Millard. She is being held at Penobscot County Jail. Bail conditions and the time and date for her initial court appearance had not yet been set as of late Wednesday night, a jail official said.

Members of Richard Jeskey’s family said they were “shocked and grieved at the loss of our family member” in a statement released by the Police Department.

An autopsy was conducted June 14 at the medical examiner’s office in Augusta.

The medical examiner’s office has not released a cause of death.

Police found Jeskey’s body in his apartment on June 13 and called the death suspicious.

A person police are not identifying called 911 at around 8:35 a.m. June 13 to request an ambulance at the Ledgewood 1 apartment complex at 682 Ohio St., and when rescue crews arrived, they found Jeskey’s body.

Jeskey’s death was the second suspicious death reported in Bangor within a week.

William L. Hall, 29, of Fourth Street was arrested and charged with murder in the June 9 death of Melvin F. Abreu, 28. Hall told police last week that he strangled Abreu and then threw him out of his second story window at 96 Fourth St., according to court documents.

Winnsboro, LA: No arrests planned in murder/suicide

Funeral services have been set for two victims of a Winnsboro shooting as well as the man police said shot them.

The funeral for Stephanie Love, 17, and her sister, Morgan Love, 18, is at 2 p.m. Friday at Pentecost Tabernacle in Delhi. Visitation is from 5-9 p.m. Thursday at the church.

Morgan Love's obituary lists her name as Morgan C. Stewart.

Burial is in Baskin Cemetery under the direction of Young's Community Memorial Funeral Home.

The Love sisters were shot Monday evening.

Police said they were shot by Patrick Cooper, 18, who then shot himself in front of officers.

Cooper's funeral is at 2 p.m. Saturday at River of Life Church in Winnsboro.

Visitation for Cooper is from
6 p.m. until 7 p.m. Friday at Richardson Funeral Home. Burial is in Morning Star Cemetery in Fort Necessity under the direction of Richardson Funeral Home in Winnsboro.

Winnsboro Police Chief Lester Thomas said police were called to the 7200 block of Prairie Road Monday. He said the first officers on the scene found Morgan Love bleeding in the front yard of the residence.

"She had been shot multiple times," Thomas said. He said Cooper was seen standing over Morgan Love with a handgun.

Thomas said as officers arrived and began exiting their vehicle, Cooper shot himself. He said officers then entered the residence and found Stephanie Love with gunshot wounds in her back.

Thomas said Cooper and Stephanie Love were pronounced dead at the scene. Morgan Love died a short time later at Franklin Medical Center.

Thomas could not elaborate on the motive for the shooting. He said Cooper was reportedly dating Morgan Love, the mother of Cooper's child.

Thomas said the house is owned by the Love sisters' mother. He said she was not home. He said no arrests are expected.

Police are still investigating the homicides.

Florence, SC: Lake City man gets 23 years for ex-wife's slaying

A Lake City man has been sentenced to 23 years in state prison after pleading guilty to voluntary manslaughter in connection with the shooting death of his ex-wife in 2008, 12th Circuit Solicitor Ed Clements III said.

Rodney Williams, 53, of Windwright Road, was charged with murder and possession of a weapon during the commission of a violent crime in the death of 47-year-old Della R. Williams.

At the request of both the victim’s and suspect’s families, Rodney Williams was allowed to plead guilty to voluntary manslaughter, Clements said. The weapon charge was dismissed as part of the plea.

The shooting happened at 9:40 a.m. Sept. 10, 2008, Florence County Coroner M.G. “Bubba” Matthews said.

A family member found Della Williams in the front yard of her home, at 1803 Perry Lane, and Florence County sheriff’s deputies were called to the scene about 11 a.m.

Della Williams died at the scene as the apparent result of gunshot wounds, Matthews said.

Deputies arrested Rodney Williams about 8 hours after the shooting. He had no criminal history before then, Clements said.

Twelfth Circuit Judge Thomas Russo could have sentenced Rodney Williams to as many as 30 years in prison on the manslaughter charge, Clements said.

Rodney Williams’ health problems delayed the proceedings from the time the crime occurred Clements said. He opted to plead guilty to the manslaughter charge Wednesday, before his trial was scheduled to begin Monday, to spare the family further grief.

Clements said Rodney Williams’ three grown children, as well as his former sister-in-law and other members of his family, were present for Wednesday’s “very emotional” proceedings.

Wilmington Island, GA: Wilmington Island woman indicted in husband's slaying

A Wilmington Island woman was indicted Wednesday on a voluntary manslaughter charge in the slaying of her husband shortly after he returned from a tour of duty in Iraq.

Melaya Carla Sams, 35, caused the death of Michael A. Sams "while acting solely as the result of a sudden, violent and irresistible passion," the Chatham County grand jury determined.

Sams, 36, was shot and wounded at a home in the 100 block of Runner Road on Sept. 4, 2010. He was taken to Memorial University Medical Center where he was pronounced dead.

Sams had just returned from Iraq where he was assigned to the 3rd Battalion, 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment.

Worcester, MA: Worcester man charged in assault; wife allegedly killed dog

WORCESTER — A Dixfield Street man has been charged with domestic assault after his wife, who allegedly admitted killing their dog, claimed he punched her in the head.

Peter R. Ahearn, 40, of 47 Dixfield St., was arrested Saturday on charges of assault and battery, according to court records.

Police found Mr. Ahearn sitting on steps in the backyard of his apartment building. Near him was a blue tarp, which police discovered to be wrapped around a dead Siberian husky, according to court records.

When questioned, Mr. Ahearn told officers that he had fought with his wife and then she left, court records said. Police found Mrs. Ahearn at a friend’s house, where she admitted to police that she had killed their dog, and said she wished to harm herself. She then accused her husband of punching her, prompting police to arrest Mr. Ahearn.

It was unclear yesterday whether the dog was killed before or after Mr. Ahearn allegedly struck his wife.

He was arraigned Monday and ordered held on $500 cash bail. His next court date is July 19.

Mrs. Ahearn has not been charged in the dog’s death.

Philadelphia, PA: Northeast Philadelphia couple dead in apparent murder-suicide

Michael and Judith Cabry were known as a friendly older couple in their Northeast Philadelphia neighborhood.
If there was a hint of trouble in their household, in the 9500 block of Northeast Avenue, it was not widely known.

About 10:20 a.m. Wednesday, a 16-year-old grandson paid a visit and discovered both of them dead from gunshots to the head. Police found a gun at the scene and said it appeared to be a murder-suicide, with Michael Cabry, 74, having shot his wife, 71, and then himself.

"When the detective came to my door, I couldn't believe it," neighbor Miriam Conway, 82, said. "They were just very, very nice people."

Kathleen Conway, 53, her daughter, said she last saw Michael Cabry a few weeks ago, talking to the trash collectors. He had brought bottled water for the workers. "He was just nice like that," she said.

She also recalled how kind Michael Cabry was when her late father, Jack Conway, struggled with Alzheimer's disease. "As my dad started to get sick, Mr. Cabry was very nice to him," she said.

Red Bluff, CA: UPDATE: Murder-suicide suspected in Red Bluff deaths

A 63-year-old Red Bluff woman found in a trailer park this week was strangled to death in what Tehama County sheriff’s investigators believe was a murder-suicide.

“That is our theory based on evidence at the scene and contact with family members and interviews with other people,” Assistant Sheriff Phillip Johnston said today.

An autopsy performed on Rena Detto showed the “cause of death as homicide with the primary cause being strangulation,” the department reported.

Detto’s identity had not been previously released.

Investigators believe James B. Barker, 60, who had been taking care of Detto and lived with her at the Casa Grande Drive residence, killed the woman and then took his own life, possibly by an overdose.

Johnston said there was evidence at the scene that supports that theory.

However, the cause of Barker’s death could not be determined by the autopsy, and until that is completed, Johnston said investigators are not drawing any final conclusions.

“There was no obvious indication at the scene or during autopsy to indicate that Barker’s death was a homicide or of natural causes,” the department reported.

The coroner’s office is waiting for toxicology results to confirm that, the Sheriff’s Department reported. It could be six weeks before those results are available.

The two people had been dead for some time when sheriff’s deputies found them o Monday. They had responded to a a call by a citizen, who reported that Detto and Barker had not been seen for several days.

The date of death was not immediately available, Johnston said.

“It should be noted that the Tehama County Sheriff’s Office is not currently looking for suspects in this case at this time and will be awaiting the final report from the pathologist,” the department reported.

Santa Ana, CA: Santa Ana woman found dead in Tijuana

SANTA ANA – The body of a 21-year-old Santa Ana woman was discovered in a truck in the downtown area of Tijuana, Mexico, authorities said Wednesday.
Rosa Alicia Rosales Soto was found early Tuesday in the back seat of a green truck parked on H Street, between Second and Third streets, according to a news release from Mexican authorities. Rosales exhibited signs of trauma to the head.

Her estranged husband, Daniel Rangel Lozano, 24, of Santa Ana, turned himself in to Mexican authorities on Tuesday,
Lozano told authorities he lived with his wife in Santa Ana, but they decided to go to Tijuana where he said they went to take their lives, according to El Mexicano newspaper.
On Friday night, Santa Ana police received a call from Rosales' aunt in Chicago, who said she was concerned about her niece who was living in Santa Ana, Cpl. Anthony Bertagna said.
Rosales apparently called her aunt and said her husband was going to kill her and then hung up, Bertagna said.
Officers went to the woman's home in the 2700 block of South Pacific Avenue, but residents told police the woman and her husband moved out two weeks ago, Bertagna said.
The following day, Rosales' aunt called her brother in San Jose, who called police there and filed a missing persons report. On Monday, San Jose detectives got in touch with Santa Ana police and said the couple had two children – a 6-year-old girl and a 4-year-old boy - and were involved in a custody dispute, Bertagna said.
"There may have been domestic violence involved," Bertagna said.
On Monday, Lozano's parents went to the police department and said their son left his two children with them and had not returned, Bertagna said.
"We think something is wrong," Lozano's parents told police. "We have not heard from him or their mother."
Santa Ana detectives reviewed video from the U.S.-Mexico crossing and spotted the truck crossing into Tijuana. They contacted Mexican authorities and asked them for help locating the truck.
Homicide detectives are trying to determine whether Rosales was kidnapped and killed here and then transported to Tijuana or if she was kidnapped, driven to Tijuana and killed there, Bertagna said.
"We are investigating to find out what crimes happened here," he said.
Mexican authorities are conducting their own investigation.
Santa Ana detectives are asking the couple's friends, relatives and coworkers to call them with information about where the couple was living and when they were last seen. Detectives can be reached at 714-245-8390.