Friday, August 31, 2012

Santa Maria, CA: Man Accused of Running Over and Killing Girlfriend Located

SANTA MARIA, Calif.- The man accused of running and killing his girlfriend after an argument has been located. Six months ago, Police say 20-year-old Antoinette Raygoza was run over and killed by her boyfriend 30-year-old Jack Misiaszek. The victim's family and friends are now asking for justice.

"You don't go out and accidentally kill your girlfriend and then get out of jail and have another girlfriend lined up already," says Talenna Carr, the victim's best friend. "They looked like they got along and I just don't know what went wrong that night."

Misiaszek was charged with vehicular manslaughter with gross negligence after his first court appearance. Weeks later, Misasiek posted bail, but failed to appear in court on August 8th and up until a few days ago, police and the victim's family had no idea where he was.

Police found Misiaszek at Motel 6 on Preisker Lane in Santa Maria on Saturday. Employees who work at the motel say he was with two guys and a girl and was arrested just two hours after checking in.

Friends of Raygoza say Misiaszek's new girlfriend is a woman named Aurora Garcia and has been showing up for his court appearances.

"They've been talking ever since he got arrested for Antoinette's death in jail," says Carr.

The victim's friends also say Misiaszek had been hiding out in the Tanglewood area.

"I'm just happy now that justice is getting served and I hope it gets served the right way," says Carr.

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