Thursday, August 30, 2012

Lucasville, OH: NEW INFO: Estranged Husband Shot and Killed by Wife's Boyfriend; Trailer Burns

LUCASVILLE, Ohio (WSAZ) – A trailer that was the scene of a murder Monday night has been destroyed by fire -- believed to possibly be arson, according to information from the State Fire Marshal's Office.

The shooting happened in the 800 block of McNamer Brown Road in Lucasville about 8:45 Monday night.

Scioto County Sheriff Marty Donini says 24-year-old Jeff Waller shot and killed 33-year-old James Thurman. The Sheriff says Thurman’s estranged wife lived in the trailer, and that Waller was her boyfriend.

Firefighters were called to the trailer between 11 and 11:30 Wednesday morning only to find the trailer burned to the ground.

An investigator with the State Fire Marshal’s office tells the fire started in the middle of the night. A neighbor says they heard explosions around 3:30 a.m.

Two arson investigations are underway in Scioto County, and each one is related to two different shootings from Monday night, including the murder that claimed Thurman's life.

Investigators say arson is likely, and the fire is connected to a nearby car-to-car shooting that happened Monday evening, injuring a man.

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UPDATE 8/28/12 @ 6:30 p.m.
LUCASVILLE, Ohio (WSAZ) -- Murder in Lucasville.'s Randy Yohe has the latest on a crime that left one man dead and another jailed for murder.

It seems a trio combination made for trouble: a husband, wife and the wife’s boyfriend -- all staying under the same roof. On Monday night, that trio did run into trouble -- leaving only two.

Surprised neighbors explained what Scioto County Sheriff Marty Donini confirmed.

Charlene Duncan says it was just before 9 p.m. Monday when her friend Anna Thurman, who was living with her boyfriend Jeff Waller along McNamer-Brown Road, called.

Thurman also was with her estranged husband James, who was in to visit their three young children.

Duncan said Anna called her to give the ambulance good directions.

“She said because Jeff had just shot James,” Duncan said.

James Thurman, 33, suffered a shotgun blast to the abdomen and died at the hospital.

Donini said when his deputies were on the way to answer the 911 call, they came upon a man walking on McNamer-Brown Road. As it turns out, it was the murder suspect who Donini says told deputies where the murder weapon was and confessed to shooting James Thurman.

"The girlfriend tells us that she and her boyfriend Jeff Waller were in the back bedroom when her husband James came in," Donini said. "She says James kicked Jeff in the head, and Jeff got a shotgun and shot him.”

Waller, 24, is from Lucasville. He was arraigned Tuesday morning on felony murder and tampering with evidence charges.

Donini says neither drugs nor alcohol was a factor is this case.

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