Friday, August 10, 2012

Columbia, MD: Percy Holland Shot, Killed By Police Officer In Columbia, Md. After Exchange, Holding Ex Girlfriend At Gunpoint

COLUMBIA, Md. (WUSA) -- Howard County police say a man who died on Thursday night after being shot during a confrontation with police in Columbia was from Baltimore.

Police say 32-year-old Percy Holland broke into his ex-girlfriend's Baltimore home just after midnight on Wednesday and he woke her up by putting a gun to her head. According to a warrant, he told his former girlfriend that he was going to kill her. Holland allegedly held her at gunpoint overnight and assaulted her.

The estranged girlfriend was able to escape and call 911, say police. Holland reportedly fled with their 2-year-old child.

Howard County officers were notified by Baltimore police officers that night hat Holland may be at a home in Columbia. There was an arrest warrant out in Baltimore for Holland, charging him with first and second degree assault, gun charges and reckless endangerment.

Holland was later found at an acquaintance's home in Columbia, say police. Baltimore and Howard County police surrounded the front and back of the house before knocking on the front door. A resident let them into the home. Holland confronted officers at the back of the house.

According to police, there was an exchange between the officers in Holland which included Holland claiming he had a gun, threatening to shoot the officers and refusing to show his hands. When he moved toward one of the officers, the officer shot him. Holland was pronounced dead at Howard County General Hospital.

Family members told police that earlier in the day he had made suicidal statements, according to Howard County Police. Sometime during the exchange with police, Holland allegedly told officers "You're going to have to kill me or I'm going to kill you" and that police "weren't going to take him alive."

Investigators are awaiting an autopsy to confirm details about Holland's injuries. Police do not know exactly how many times he was shot.

No gun was found at the scene, say police. The 2-year-old child was also not at the residence at the time of the shooting. The child was found safe at the home of a relative.

The officer who shot Holland, Sgt. Justin Baker, is a 12-year veteran of the department and is on administrative leave while internal affairs conducts an investigation.

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