Monday, January 7, 2013

Oklahoma City, OK: Domestic violence turns into a gruesome murder

The first homicide in Oklahoma City for 2013 was a stabbing. In a report dated Jan. 5, a woman was found stabbed to death in her front yard. It is believed her ex-husband, David Dean Nichols, murdered her.
KWTV Channel 9 News in Oklahoma Cityalso reported that David Dean Nichols was caught a few hours later. He asked a store clerk to call 911 when he went inside, his hands covered in blood. The store was just a few miles away from where the victim was found.
“Women need to learn from this,” Linda Hardin, from Oklahoma City, said. “There is help for women who are being abused. They don't have to put up with it. Leaving isn't easy, but it is the best. If women don't leave, they could very well end up dead and their children orphans.”
David Dean Nichols has a long criminal history. He has been in the Oklahoma County jail over a dozen times in the past 16 years. David Dean Nichols has been arrested three times since 1996 on domestic charges.
The victim was the mother of three. Neighbors suspecteddomestic violence in the past. They described her as a good mother and always happy.

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