Wednesday, January 9, 2013

El Paso County, CO: New details: Woman accused of killing mother and husband

William Coffey, 52, and Dorothy Thompson, 87, were killed during an apparent shooting at an El Paso County mobile home park last Friday, according to an arrest affidavit. 
The affidavit stated the victims are the husband and mother, respectively, of Donna Kaiser Anderson, 57.  She was arrested and is in jail on suspicion of second-degree murder.  According to the Criminal Justice Center, Anderson has two cases against her but only one count of murder.
Court records also indicate that Anderson may have confessed to the killings.  Anderson told sheriff's deputies at the scene: "I blacked out, (Coffey) did something to my mother, I wasn't going to stand for it." 
When deputies asked Anderson where the weapon used in the killings was, she asked for an attorney, saying: "I blacked out, I want counsel."
The arrest affidavit indicated that Coffey was shot, but it is unclear how Thompson died.  Lt. Jeff Kramer of the sheriff's office said authorities may be waiting to confirm some details in the investigation.
According to court records, deputies found the victims' bodies in a bedroom -- with Coffey's on the floor next to the bed, and Thompson's in the bed.  At least one body apparently was dragged through the mobile home before being placed in the bedroom, records stated, and deputies also found a pool of blood in the living room that had been covered with black plastic and a rug.
Some areas inside the mobile home had been cleaned, according to the affidavit, and a rolled towel was placed at the bottom of the bedroom door to reduce or block odors.
Court records state that neighbors last saw Coffey last Wednesday, two days before the bodies were found.  However, those neighbors said they saw Anderson taking out trash at the home on Thursday, the following morning.
Bond for Anderson is set at $251,000.
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