Saturday, January 19, 2013

Charleston, WV: Charleston woman pleads guilty to misdemeanor in stabbing death of boyfriend

A Kanawha County woman accused of killing her boyfriend said she did not mean to do it.
Stacey McCormick pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter, a misdemeanor, at a hearing in Kanawha County Circuit Court Friday morning.
McCormick said she accidentally stabbed her boyfriend, David Snyder, in the chest during an argument at an apartment on Charleston's West Side last August.
Snyder died from complications a few days later.
McCormick was originally charged with malicious wounding.  After Snyder died, that charge was upgraded to first degree murder.
After reviewing all of the evidence, prosecutors said they offered her a plea deal because it would have been hard to prove she meant to intentionally kill him.
"This death occurred while the two of them were involved in a domestic struggle, that she did produce a knife, and that the spot where he was stabbed was not such that we could say that death would have been anticipated or intended," said prosecutor Daniel Holstein.
McCormick will stay in jail until she is sentenced on March 1.  She is facing up to one year in jail.

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