Saturday, January 19, 2013

Denver, CO: Denver cop shot, suspect dead in chase; 5th suspect arrested

DENVER - One suspect is dead and a Denver police officer was shot during a pursuit that ended when the suspects' truck crashed into a tree near West 38th Avenue and Osage Street Wednesday afternoon.
The officer, identified by sources as Sgt. Bob Motyka, was transported by another officer to Denver Health Medical Center with a gunshot wound to the shoulder. The officer's injuries are serious but thought to be non-life threatening.

One of five suspects was shot and killed by police after the crash. One suspect was hospitalized in critical condition, one suffered a dog bite, and a female suspect sustained injuries believed to be from the crash at the scene.
The speeding red pickup T-boned some cars at 38th and Osage before crashing into the tree at Columbus park.
One DPD cruiser racing to the scene was hit by a car at Colfax and Kalamath. Both the officer and driver are okay.

A fifth suspect got away but was later arrested Wednesday evening. The search for the suspect, described as a Hispanic male, was extensive.

"We have a number of officers, a perimeter set up to search for one lone suspect," said Detective John White, with Denver Police.
Police asked residents surrounding 40th and Osage to remain in their homes while they searched for the fifth suspect.
Denver Public Schools in the neighborhood were on lockdown. Parents had to wait an hour to pick up their kids from Escuela de Guadalupe, a catholic school..

Sources say the entire incident started in Thornton as a domestic dispute. One of the suspects tried to kill the mother of his child but the gun didn't go off and he fled the scene.
Radio traffic indicates police were warning other officers that the suspect who attempted to shoot the Thornton woman was high on meth.


Neighbors say they witnessed the suspects throwing hubcaps, computers and other items out of the truck during the chase.

"I was standing in my backyard at 35th and Osage I heard some shots get fired," Clay Schmitt said. "I walked out on the front porch to see a truck tearing down Osage and throwing stuff out of the back of the truck at the cop cars. There were some more shots fired. It was just wild."

Neighbors couldn't believe what they saw.

"Jaw dropping would be the best word," Tony Borja said. "We started hearing gunshots. It was kinda like whoa!"

Steve Comeau saw Denver police chasing the suspects north on Osage, in the heart of the Lower Highlands.

"They shot out the guys tire and this black mark goes all the way down the street," Comeau said.


The incident led to road closures and long lines of cars during the Wednesday evening rush hour.

Lots of people had to bypass Pecos and Osage and take the back alleys to get home. Police opened all the streets in the area around 9 p.m.

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