Saturday, January 26, 2013

Monitor Township, MI: Neighbors shocked over Bay County murder-suicide

MONITOR TOWNSHIP -- A Bay County man and his girlfriend are dead in what police are calling, a murder-suicide. Police found a weapon and suicide note at the crime scene.
"I guess I was shocked,” says Sandy Betzold. “I still don’t believe it.”
Neighbors is Monitor Township say they can't believe what happened in this home Wednesday night.
I can't believe it was a murder-suicide,” says Mickey Gowen.
The Bay County sheriff says Robert Burt, 52, shot and killed his girlfriend, Michelle Pischel, 48, before turning the gun on himself.
“I can't believe he did whatever they're saying he did," says Betzold.
Boone's Corner Store---next door to the crime scene---is closed. Burt was the manager of the shop owned by his mother. It seems everyone here knew him.
“Oh yea, I had his cell phone number in case anything went on. You know, so I could call him and let him know,” says Betzold.
“He was just a nice guy, you would've thought I knew the guy for years,” say Gowen. He always took time to talk to you. I would sit there and talk to him about the neighborhood,” she adds.
But something went terribly wrong at 1018 Midland Road Wednesday night. Police are still unsure of what led to the murder-suicide. Michelle Pischel's son found the two bodies.
“i'm still in shock, i can't believe he would murder his wife--or his girlfriend and then himself,” says Gowen.
Police are still analyzing the suicide note left behind and neighbors are trying to figure out why.
“it's just a hard thing to believe that this would happen,” says Gowen.
"I can't believe it, i still don't. Someone like that, i guess you never expect it,” says Andrew Hannan, a neighbor. “You always say you think you know people but i guess sometimes you don't.”

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