Friday, January 11, 2013

Orlando, FL: Man charged after woman found strangled to death in Orlando

ORLANDO, Fla. — 
Orlando police have arrested a man they said strangled his girlfriend then tried to hide her body.
Kendall Keith’s body was found behind the Royal Summit Apartments on Rio Grande Avenue on Saturday.
Police said Asmick Rousseau strangled Keith to death, wrapped her body in a blanket and dumped her in the courtyard behind the apartments.
“It was a domestic relationship,” said Sgt. Frank Chisari. “They actually were dating for a year and there was a long history of unreported violence. Unfortunately, it led to this homicide."
Investigators said if the abuse would have been reported, maybe the victim would still be alive today.
“For this to go unreported for a year, maybe this is something that could have been preventable,” said Chisari.
Police said it took a little while to identify Keith’s body and to determine the cause of death. Once they got the word from the Medical Examiner’s Office, they brought Rousseau into custody and charged him.

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