Sunday, January 13, 2013

Article: EBR records 83 homicides in 2012

Law enforcement agencies in East Baton Rouge Parish investigated 83 homicides in 2012.
Detectives with the Baton Rouge Police Department handled 67 of the cases. Deputies with the Sheriff’s Office investigated 15 killings. And authorities with the Baker Police Department investigated one. Authorities also worked six justifiable homicides that were deemed self-defense.
Motives for the killings are given when provided by law enforcement.
Details of the crimes come from law enforcement agencies and prosecutors. Information about charges filed in the cases is current through Jan. 2.
NOTE- due to length, blog post has been edited to include only those deaths clearly connected to intimate violence, please follow link to full article to see full list- JT
JAN. 14: Kimberly Stewart, 35, was shot during an argument with her girlfriend, Kolande Schelese Williams, at 3305 Sandy Drive in Baker. Williams, 39, was charged with second-degree murder.
MAY 25: Jamie Davenport, 33, and James L. Brown, 44, were shot in the front yard of Brown’s house at 5366 Thomas Road. Davenport’s estranged husband, Alfred Scales, 49, was charged with two counts of second-degree murder.
MAY 28: Reagan Rowe, 26, was shot by her stepfather, David Robinson, at 3166 Cedarcrest Ave., following an argument he had with Rowe’s mother about getting a divorce. Robinson, 57, then turned the gun on himself.
JUNE 1: Allison Brue, 31, died from injuries she suffered in a May 29 shooting at 4043 Tuscarora St. Authorities say Brue, who was six months pregnant, was shot by her boyfriend, Benny Johnson, 27, who then turned the gun on himself. Brue’s baby survived without injury.
JUNE 8: Kesia Coleman, 35, and her son were shot inside their home at 2850 Magazine Drive. The mother and son were shot by Coleman’s ex-husband, Rouche Coleman, 38, who later shot and killed himself. The son survived.
JULY 15: Ladrian Davis, 26, was stabbed following an argument with his girlfriend at their 11850 Wentling Ave. home. Katina Carter, 29, was convicted of manslaughter.
JULY 25: Raolatu Alowonle, 28, and her 11-year-old niece were shot while walking on the sidewalk near 1844 Ryder Drive. The girl, who was shot in the leg, survived. Alowonle’s boyfriend, Devon T. Livous, 28, 9722 Blackemore Ave., was charged with first-degree murder.
AUG. 11: Dale Vincent Bentley, 37, was shot under the carport of his home at 2565 Bartlett St. after a domestic dispute. Bentley’s girlfriend, Jacqulyne Scott, 48, 9351 Pascagoula St., was booked with second-degree murder.
SEPT. 8: Roger Watkins, 22, was stabbed during an argument over a woman at his 1222 Jim Taylor Drive apartment. Justin Harrison, 20, 4636 Alvin Dark Ave., was arrested and booked on a count of second-degree murder.
SEPT. 25: Shylah Hicks, 21, was shot during a domestic dispute outside her home at 1724 Madison Ave. She was five months pregnant, and her fetus also died. Hicks’ boyfriend, Adam Sterling, 33, 3615 Chippewa St., was arrested and booked on one count each of second-degree murder and first-degree feticide.
NOV. 7: Mary Johnson, 16, died from a gunshot wound she suffered on May 5 while walking in the 3700 block of Topeka Street. Authorities say Johnson was shot as she walked away from a man with whom she refused to have sex. Dedric White, 18, 4115 Mohican St., was booked with second-degree murder.
DEC. 10: Shalonda Green, 30, was stabbed during a domestic dispute at her home, 2726 Jackson Ave. Green’s estranged boyfriend, Mark Turner, 48, 3060 N. Acadian Thruway E., was booked with second-degree murder.

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