Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Greenville, NC: Update: Possible murder-suicide victim hit in the head multiple times

GREENVILLE, N.C. - Autopsy results show that a 40-year-old found dead in her living room was beaten in the head multiple times
Police say, barring any unforseen test results, they think Angentte Daniels died from those blows.
209-B Alice Drive. Crime tape still stands at the scene of what detectives are calling a “violent murder.”
"We got kids out here. My little brother, cousin, all them out here. so it's just crazy right in the same neighborhood where we're all at,” said a neighbor.
But the trail for investigators actually started nearly 10 miles away in Ayden. That’s where Pitt County Sheriff’s deputies say they found 48-year-old Clennie Carmon in a car behind an abandoned house.
"From their initial observation it appeared there was someone in the vehicle sleeping as they got closer to the vehicle and peered through the window it was obvious that the person was deceased,” said Cpt. Paul Dance with the Pitt County Sheriff’s Office.
Carmon was dead from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot to the head. But investigators say the car wasn’t registered to Carmon and there was a woman’s purse in the seat next to him. Both belonged to his girlfriend, Daniels. When investigators went to check on Daniels at her Greenville home they made a gruesome discovery.
“My impression of the scene was that the deceased had been in that location a whole day, probably,” said Sgt. Joe Friday.
Daniels was dead in her living room. It’s not clear yet how she died but police believe Carmon was responsible. Now investigators are trying to piece together what went wrong in the couple’s relationship.
"When our officers spoke with one of the family members there may have been some recent disturbances or domestic issues going on. To what extent I don’t know, said Dance”
Greenville police say they’ve never been called to the house on Alice Drive for any domestic disturbances.
--- Original Story ---
GREENVILLE, N.C. – Greenville Police and the Pitt County Sheriff’s Department investigate a possible murder-suicide.
Last night Greenville Police found 40-year-old Angennte Daniels dead in her living room. Earlier in the day Pitt County deputies investigated the possible suicide of 48-year-old Clennie Carmon.
We’re now told that Daniels and Carmon are believed to have been in a romantic relationship.
Both departments are still investigating.

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