Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Miami, FL: Florida man kills wife after she refuses to cook hamburger: police

An irritable Florida man allegedly killed his wife with a kitchen knife after she refused to cook him a hamburger.
Bartolo Gelsomino, 78, provided a video-taped confession to the murder of Ana Gelsomino, 71, his wife of 52 years, before showing investigators where he disposed of the murder weapon and his bloodied clothes, according to the arrest affidavit.
The Sicily-born man, who primarily speaks Italian, was arrested 11 p.m. Jan. 21 after his daughter found Ana's body lying in a pool of blood inside the couple's Miami home, police said.

"That day it was a hamburger, another day it was eggs," their daughter, who wished to remain anonymous, told CBS Miami. "Another day the water was too cold or too hot. It didn't matter, anything that wasn't right or didn't feel right, he used it to control my mother."
The daughter hopes that justice will be served for her mother's sake but she refrained from specifying what punishment she would deem appropriate. No sentence will ease the pain of losing their beloved mother.
"She was my mother and my best friend and my confidante and I lived for her and I took care of her … She was a saint," the daughter said.
Ana lived through years of domestic violence and is now dead because of her silence, said the daughter, hoping that other victims will speak out against such abuse.
"I don't want my mother's death to go down in vain," she said. "Don't let it take you that long to see if you need help. Please reach out to someone if you need help."
The couple's son, likewise, told detectives that his father had a "history of domestic violence," reported The Miami Herald.
Gelsomino, who told police he wants to die, now faces second-degree murder charges as he awaits his Feb. 11 arraignment in Miami-Dade County Jail, police said.

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