Friday, January 25, 2013

Harrisburg, PA: Grand jury: woman killed husband, lied about self defense

A Dauphin County woman has been charged with murder and tampering with evidence in the August death of a man originally thought to be her husband. 
On August 20, Gina Anne Murphy, 47, told police that she shot and killed her husband, 52-year-old Daniel Joseph Murphy, after he threatened her with a knife. A Dauphin County grand jury said it has found that Gina Murphy intentionally killed Daniel Murphy, her ex-husband, and later set up the crime scene to make it appear as though he attacked her first.
According to the grand jury presentment, Gina Murphy originally told police that Daniel Murphy tried to attack her with a knife. Police now say she planted that knife near his body. In addition, the grand jury said Gina Murphy did not try to resuscitate her ex-husband as she originally told 911 dispatchers she did.
The forensic pathologist who performed Daniel Murphy's autopsy said he was shot through the heart while the gun was in contact with his chest. 
The presentment states that Gina Murphy had a motive for killing Daniel Murphy: that if he were dead, she would acquire sole ownership of their Williamstown home.
Upon the recommendation of the grand jury, Gina Murphy was charged Thursday with murder, tampering with or fabricating physical evidence, false swearing and unsworn falsifications to authorities. She is being held in Dauphin County Prison without bail.

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