Friday, November 16, 2012

Washington, DC: 10 Crazy GOP Meltdowns After Obama’s Re-Election

1) Albert Peterson(pictured), a wealthy Washington, D.C., defense contractor, couldn’t even wait for the elections to take place. In fact, he was so distraught over the prospect of Obama possibly winning his presidential bid that he shot and killed his wife, Kathleen (pictured); two young sons, Christopher, 13, and Matthew, 16; then took his own life. Peterson was obsessed about politics and would send daily e-mails to friends and family about its climate. In addition to losing a dear uncle, the 48-year-old man was reportedly driven in to depression at the thought of Obama winning a second term. Ironically, both his father and an uncle committed suicide in past years, with Peterson making an unsuccessful attempt at taking his own life five years ago. Friends and family concur that Obama’s potential win pushed Peterson over an edge that he had been  teetering from for quite a while.

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