Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Chapmanville, WV: UPDATE: Husband Arrested in Wife's Murder in Chapmanville

CHAPMANVILLE, W.Va. (WSAZ) -- We're learning more about a deadly fight between a husband and wife in Chapmanville.
West Virginia State Police say Karen Blankenship was killed by her husband, Gary Terry, at a hotel on Saturday.
Police weren't originally called to the scene on Saturday because the 911 call was for an unresponsive female who had possibly overdosed. It wasn't until the next day at the hospital and questions by the victim's brother that police became involved -- eventually leading to a murder arrest.
It all happened at the Rodeway Inn in Chapmanville. State police said the couple got into a fight during a night of drinking.
"We talked to the family members from both sides of the family, and as far as we found out and looking at our records, we have not found a history of domestic problems between the two," State Police Trooper J.E. Garren said.
What led up to the deadly encounter remains unknown. State police said on Saturday night, a call was made to 911 that Blankenship had possibly overdosed. She was taken to Logan Regional Medical Center where doctors found she had a severe head injury. That's when she was flown to a Charleston hospital.
"About 7:30 the next morning, Sunday morning, law enforcement was notified by the victim's brother that the injuries sustained were suspicious," Garren said.
Police said Terry claimed Blankenship fell, but that story wasn't adding up.
"I believe he told a couple different stories to a few people, and things to him just weren't matching up as far as what happened and the injuries to her," Garren said.
When police questioned Terry he confessed to his wife's murder. He was arrested at the hospital and remains in jail.
Police don't know why the pair was fighting and haven't said what caused Blankenship's injuries. They did say there were no visible injuries to her head.
State police said the couple was at the hotel visiting Terry's mother, who was in town from North Carolina. Terry's mother said she didn't see what happened.

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