Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Cincinnati, OH: Thug is jailed for battering his pregnant girlfriend's kitten to death against a wall

A teenager who killed his girlfriend's kitten by battering it against a wall during a furious row has been jailed for six months.
Gerale Witcher, 19, of Westwood, Ohio was fighting with his pregnant girlfriend last month when he grabbed the animal by the tail and swung it repeatedly into the wall before throwing its body out of a window.
When Cincinnati Police arrived at the scene they found the the dead kitten and arrested Witcher.
'He took the kitten by the tail and smashed it against the cement wall and killed it,' Assistant Cincinnati Prosecutor Heidi Rosales told Hamilton County Municipal Court Judge Brad Greenberg Monday.
According to Cincinnati.comCincinnati Police Officer Kelly Reindl found the kitten’s dead body thrown outside the girlfriend’s apartment. 
Witcher was charged with domestic violence, cruelty to animals, obstructing official business, disorderly conduct and criminal damaging.

'I’m not a violent person,' Witcher told the judge. 'It wasn’t done on purpose.
'The cat had scratched me which caused me to have a bad reaction,' Witcher said, admitting he needed psychological help.

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