Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Article: Supervisors mark day of remembrance

This year, two people in Solano County lost their lives due to domestic violence and to remember the lives lost, the Solano County Board of Supervisors recently marked Domestic Violence Day of Remembrance.
Much of the decrease in the number of domestic violence deaths can be attributed to an increased multidisciplinary, coordinated response to such cases, officials said. It provides greater resources to victims and survivors.
As part of the supervisor's actions, they recognized one of their own - Supervisor Barbara Kondylis - for being a "tireless advocate for family violence prevention" and awarded the Robin Jenkins Memorial Award in memory of Vacaville resident Vic Jenkin's daughter who was killed by her former fiancé more than four years ago.
Kondylis said she was speechless and surprised with the award, which was presented at the board's regular meeting last week.
"Receiving this on behalf of your daughter's memory is so special to me," she told Jenkins and added that being victimized in the home is an act of terrorism and should be taken just as seriously as other forms of terrorism.
Kondylis' service as a county supervisor is coming to an end since she opted not to run for re-election, however, she said she's not going anywhere and will continue to help.
Having a day of remembrance reminds people that in America, a woman is battered, usually by her intimate partner every 15 seconds, officials said. In 2010, Solano County saw six women killed and in 2011, 10 residents lost their lives to domestic violence.
Solano County is working with LIFT3 Support Group and Domestic Violence Shelter and the Solano Partnership Against Violence to bring awareness to the loss of life and vision of hope for survivors through the Day of Remembrance.
"The holidays have historically proven to be exceptionally dangerous for families who are experiencing additional stress due to job loss, foreclosures and the challenge of meeting financial obligations," said staff in a report to the board. "Additionally, the holidays usually include a higher level of alcohol consumption and more family gatherings, leading to increased anxiety and decreased coping skills. As a result, Solano County may see additional deaths before the end of the 2012 calendar year."
People in need of direct services as a result of domestic and/or family violence, can call and speak to a social worker at 784-7683 or 784-6829 or go to Appointments are encouraged, but drop-ins are welcomed between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. Monday through Friday.
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