Saturday, September 15, 2012

Valrico, FL: Valrico man charged with murder after claiming wife committed suicide

VALRICO, Fla.- A Valrico man who called 9-1-1 at first claiming his wife committed suicide, six months later is now charged with murder in the death of his 38-year-old wife.

Emergency crews were called to the home on Pearson Road March 18th after Colin Maloney reported his 38-year-old wife Felicia was unresponsive. Paramedics and Sheriff's investigators arrived finding an electrical cord which Mr. Maloney said his wife used to hang herself from the bedpost.

The Sheriff's office says at the time, Maloney changed his story several times. Paramedics also noted marks on Felicia's neck that were later determined not to be consistent with a hanging.

The Medical Examiner's office has since ruled the death a homicide, detectives obtaining an arrest warrant for Maloney. He was arrested Friday at the Valrico Cracker Barrel without incident charged with second degree murder.

"It was just relief. We've been waiting for this," said Felicia Maloney's brother, Chris Biddles. "It's been killing us knowing this is going on day to day, knowing he is still doing his thing."

Biddles says his sister's husband grew increasingly erratic after Felicia's death. He also claims Maloney was addicted to opiates and had a history of problems with his sister.

"He went to a music festival a couple days after the death. It didn't make sense. He wasn't grieving by any means."

Felicia's brother isn't the only one relieved over news of the arrest.

"I said thank God it's over," Kimberly Burke told her husband after learning Colin was behind bars.

The Burke's say their neighbor randomly invaded their home, kicking in their door one night, then driving his car into the front of their house the next.

"He goes 'I'm the devil. I'm here to take you with me,'" recalls Mr. Burke.

Maloney spent three days in jail and was set to stand trail following the alleged attack on his neighbors. Those charges will likely now take a back seat to his new murder charges.

The Burkes say they do not mind one bit. They believe justice for Felicia is more important.

"Justice you know. She doesn't have a word no more," said Mr. Burke.

As for Felicia's brother, he is encouraged friends and family will finally know the truth.

"I want people to know she loved life, she loved her child... and that she didn't commit suicide."

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