Saturday, September 1, 2012

Riverside, CA: RIVERSIDE: Man said he'd kill family before stabbing

Three days before a woman and her two young children were stabbed to death, she said her ex-boyfriend threatened to hunt her down and kill her and her family.
Laura Reveriano, 25, sought a restraining order for her two children, Selvin Chajon, 4, and 19-month old Emily Chajon, which she shared with her ex-boyfriend Selvin Chajon Rodriguez, according to a restraining order granted Tuesday, Aug. 28.

Riverside County coroner’s officials have not officially released the names of those killed, pending notification of next of kin.
Reveriano reported last talking to Rodriguez on Sunday when he made a series of threatening phone calls, according to the restraining order.
“Selvin called and told me he would follow me to the end of the earth and he would kill the kids if they were not with him and there would be nowhere I could hide,” Reveriano wrote.
The mother and two children were fatally stabbed Thursday morning inside their Riverside home off Granger Court. Two other adults and a child were also renting the home and called 911 after Rodriguez sped away after 7 a.m., according to police.
Witnesses in Corona spotted Rodriguez wearing bloody clothing and carrying a knife while walking along an overpass after abandoning his car at the Highway 91/Interstate 15 interchange. Police said he tried to carjack another driver before he was shot by officers during a confrontation on nearby railroad tracks.
Rodriguez was hospitalized and is in critical condition from the gunshot wound. He is expected to be arrested on suspicion of three counts of murder. He has no prior criminal record in Riverside or San Bernardino counties.
Riverside police Lt. Guy Toussaint said though the temporary restraining order was granted, Rodriguez had not yet been served and it was not filed with the city or county.
“We need proof of service. It doesn’t mean it’s not valid, but law enforcement can’t act on it until there’s proof there’s a restraining order,” Toussaint said. “ We became aware of the threats, but at what point I don’t know.”
Reveriano said Rodriguez called her and her friends repeatedly Sunday, threatening the family. She called police to report he stole her car and cell phone, then came back knocking on the window. She said he was stalking the house and broke a window, causing a shard of glass to cut her baby on the chest as he was sleeping.
“He was calling all the contacts in my phone asking for advice on what to do, but then came to the conclusion to just kill me and I would not be for anyone else,” Reveriano wrote Monday. “And if it had to be this way, then it would be this way.”
In a third call, Rodriguez asked Reveriano to marry him.
“”If you don’t marry me then I will do what I have to do and he said he means we will all be laid to rest,” according to the restraining order. “If I don’t see you, I will be close to your footsteps following me. He told me he did not have dirty hands because he already paid someone to do that for him.”
The temporary restraining order was granted Tuesday by Family Law judge Irma Poole Asberry, who set a Sept. 11 child custody hearing and a Sept. 28 hearing for a permanent restraining order. The order barred any contact with the children and required Rodriguez to stay at least 100 yards away.
Prior to the restraining order, Reveriano said Rodriguez told her he would leave her alone if she’d dismiss any reports to police or restraining orders. She feared Rodriguez might take the children to Oregon or Guatemala.
“He told me he wanted the kids and that he would put a knife to my waist if I did not get in the car with his kids,” Reveriano wrote. “He told me he would take the kids with or without me… he kept threatening me and so he told me I better watch my steps.”

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