Monday, September 10, 2012

Scottsdale, AZ: Father 'killed young sons, aged five and one, in revenge against his wife who left him because he was sleeping with prostitutes'

An Arizona man who stands accused of murdering his two sons at the height of a bitter divorce battle with his wife will stand trial beginning this week.

Jury selection is set to begin in the trial of Andre Leteve, who is accused of gunning down his two young sons Alec, 5, and Asher, 1, in Scottsdale on March 31, 2010.

Prosecutors are out to prove that Leteve, who was 39 at the time, shot his sons as an act of vengeance against his estranged wife Laurie, with whom he was locked in a bitter divorce battle.

Their marriage reportedly soured after she discovered that he had cheated on her with prostitutes.

A court document obtained by The Arizona Republic read: 'The state claims one of the motives for killing the sons was revenge because Laurie, [his] wife and the children's mother, left him after finding out that [he] had sex with multiple prostitutes.'

The document went on: 'Laurie was dating someone else at the time of the shootings. The other motive stems from the defendant's poor finances at the time of the shooting.'

Leteve reportedly has difficulty speaking after he tried to kill himself.

Cops said that moments after killing his Alec and Asher, Leteve stuck the gun under his chin and pulled the trigger, but the bullet went through his nose and he survived.

n a 911 call made moments after the shootings, Leteve can be heard saying: 'I just shot and killed my sons and shot myself.'

Leteve was taken to a hospital for treatment of his facial injuries, and taken into custody after his release.

KTVK reported that Leteve told detectives that he killed the boys because their mother was preparing to move them with her to Florida.

Relatives told the network that the divorce was not a messy one, and that there were no indications that Leteve would commit such an act.

Defense attorney Greg Parzych told The Republic: 'We don't feel comfortable talking about our theories of the case on the brink of jury selection, other than to say that for the past two years, we have been working diligently and thoroughly to ensure that Mr Leteve gets the best possible trial he can.'

100 witnesses are reportedly expected to testify. Opening statements are slated to begin on October 9.

If convicted, Leteve could face the death penalty.

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