Saturday, September 8, 2012

Dallas, TX: Family says Dallas woman was killed because of medical condition

"I hope he rots in prison," says Benjamin Bolden, the brother of Cicely Bolden who was murdered Thursday in her Highland Village Drive apartment.

"She did not deserve this," he says. Bolden says his sister was HIV Positive, but that she didn't keep her medical condition a secret. He says he'd be surprised that Bolden didn't share that information with her boyfriend, Larry Dunn. Who apparently told police he killed her because she didn't tell him until after the two had sex.

Thursday afternoon, Dunn went to Bolden's apartment, and about two hours later, her two children, ages 7 & 8 found their mother's body.

"They were crying, so I went over to see what was wrong," says Latotya Arnett who lives across the hall from Bolden. The ladies were friends. Their children played together all the time.

"It was horrible. I took them inside with me. I feel for those kids," says Arnett.

Arnett also says Bolden was not quiet about her status. She can't believe that Dunn didn't know before Thursday.

Arnett lit 3 candles outside Bolden's apartment. And other neighbors have added stuffed animals. The kids are now staying with family.

Dunn is in the Dallas County Jail charged with murder.

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