Saturday, September 1, 2012

Memphis, TN: Husband Charged With Stabbing Wife To Death

(Memphis) A Memphis man faces first degree murder charges for the stabbing death of his wife.
“My daughter gone, My daughter ain’t coming back,” said the victim’s mother, Priscilla Taylor.
Police say Ranita Burke was stabbed to death by her own husband, Travis Capshaw, outside her job on Summer Avenue Thursday afternoon.
“Where was security? Nobody heard her scream?,” asked Taylor.
According to police, Capshaw later drove to Jackson, Tennessee where he crashed his car and was arrested.
There, he admitted to detectives, he just killed his wife.
“He said ‘he loved her.’ How could you hurt something that you loved?” expressed Taylor.
It wasn’t the first time, Capshaw hurt his wife of three years, Taylor tells News Channel 3.
She says, her daughter was trying to get away from a husband who was abusive both emotionally and physically, “He was stalking her.”
Taylor says Capshaw would pop up at her house, begging to see the couple’s five-year-old daughter.
“She said ‘my mommy in heaven aint she?’ I said ‘yes.’ She said, ‘well, why did my daddy do that?” recalled Burke.
Taylor’s wondering the same thing as she plans her to bury her youngest child and raise four grandchildren.
“I’m going to give them what they need, love and nourishment.” Expressed Taylor.
Taylor’s son was murdered less than a year ago.
Meanwhile, Capshaw remains in jail.
A bond has not been set.

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