Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Sacramento, CA: Former Bakersfield woman killed in apparent murder-suicide

Sacramento police are investigating a murder-suicide involving a former Bakersfield woman after she and her boyfriend didn't show up for a family wedding. Officers believe the boyfriend shot her, then himself.

Edward Coleman and his girlfriend, Luv Land, were supposed to come to Bakersfield on Saturday for her cousin's wedding. When they didn't show up, her family got worried.

"They were talking about marriage," said Mae Beary, Land's aunt. They were talking about sharing their life together. "They were a happy-go-lucky couple."

Sacramento police say 38-year-old Coleman and 28-year-old Land argued Friday evening and that was the last time their families heard from them.

"When they were a 'no show,' I mean, I was very worried because my mom and I had feelings. You know how you can tell something has happened? I told my mom, I just don't feel good, and she said I don't either so I said well what's going on?" said Beary.

The couple was found dead inside their north Sacramento home Sunday morning. "The guy seems like he may have had problems. I don't know what his problems were, but taking a life is not the way to solve a problem. He should have got help," she continued.

Word of the couple's death spread quickly to Grant Union High School in north Sacramento, where Coleman worked as assistant football coach.

"He's a fun guy. He was always laughing, never a down type of guy. He was always positive, never negative," said Ezell Grant, a student athlete.

"When you're always feeling bad that you messed up or something, he would always come around and you know lift you up," said another student.

But, now Land's family in Bakersfield is left wondering what went tragically wrong. "She's going to be missed very deeply. She's going to be missed by the whole family," said Beary.

Land's aunt told 17 News she didn't know of any problems between the couple who had been dating for three years.

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