Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Queens, NY: Queens woman stabs husband in neck, killing him: police

A Queens couple’s stormy romance ended in death Wednesday when the wife plunged a knife into her husband’s neck, police said.

Anna Adams then called the cops from inside her black Range Rover with their two kids, sources said.

“My husband is covered with blood,” she told a 911 operator, sources said.

When police arrived at the Jamaica section home, they found 45-year-old Jeffery Perkins dead on a floor from a stab wounded in the neck.

“There are pockets of blood at other locations in the house (and) the handle of a knife broken off,” the source added.

Adams, 38, who sources said was Perkins’ common-law wife, was taken into custody with her two kids, ages 3 and 12. She is expected to be charged with murder.

Neighbors said Adams was a controlling shrew.

“He was an angel, she was crazy,” said neighbor Deborah Lyking, 57.

“The woman was the aggressor,” added another neighbor, Herbert Cook, 86. “He was quiet.”

Police said the pair had been arguing in their home on a tranquil block of 145th Ave., before Perkins was stabbed around 4:30 a.m.

Neighbors said the mild-mannered victim invested thousands of dollars into sprucing-up the house he had bought last year.

“You should see him straightening up,” Lyking said. “I always say, ‘Damn, why don’t he come here and clean?’”

They said police had been to the residence several times before the fatal stabbing.

“They had a party a while back,” Lyking said. “The cops were here.”

Adams moved out the next day, she said, but came back a few days later.

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