Friday, July 13, 2012

Washington, DC: Keith Littlepage-El On Trial For Murder; Accused of killing Girlfriend Selina Knight

WASHINGTON (AP) - A murder trial is underway for a District of Columbia man accused of killing his girlfriend and leaving behind an angry scribbled message that she had given him HIV.

Jurors heard opening statements in D.C. Superior Court on Thursday in the case of Keith Littlepage-El, who was arrested in March 2011 and charged in the death of his girlfriend, Selina Knight.

The Washington Post reports that both sides agree that Knight was HIV positive and had received the diagnosis more than 10 years ago.

But prosecutors contend that Littlepage-El killed her not because of HIV but because she had recently broken up with him and forced him out of her apartment.

Littlepage-El's public defenders told jurors that prosecutors have no evidence, and that Littlepage-El might have been framed.

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