Friday, July 13, 2012

Jackson, MI: UPDATE: 87-Year-Old Woman In Murder-Suicide Dies

UPDATE: The 87-year-old woman fighting for her life after her 89-year-old husband tried to kill her has died.

Mary Matteson, who was shot in the head by her husband at an assisted living center in Jackson on Friday afternoon, initially survived the shooting. Her husband Paul - who then turned the gun on himself - did not.

Mary had been staying at the RidgeCrest Health Campus following surgery. She had recently had hip surgery, but it's not clear how long she had been at the center.
Paul was not staying there himself.

At this time it's still not clear what prompted the shooting, but a press release by the sheriff's department says it was "methodically planned."

The Jackson County Sheriff's Department plans to release more information today. Our Jackson Bureau reporter Abby Grimmett is working this story - so we'll have more on air and online at

ORIGINAL STORY: An 87-year-old woman is fighting for her life after her 89-year-old husband shot her in the head at an assisted living facility.

After shooting his wife, police say he turned the gun on himself and committed suicide.
It all happened around 2 p.m. Tuesday at an assisted living facility on the southwest side of Jackson inside RidgeCrest Health Center.

The woman was rushed to a local hospital where she remains in critical condition at Allegiance Hospital in Jackson. Officials calling it a "murder-suicide" attempt.

The man apparently brought a gun to the center where his wife had been staying following surgery. It's not clear what he surgery was for or how long she had been at the center.
Police are still trying to figure out what prompted the man to do it.

No one else was injured.

RidgeCrest brought in counselors to help other residents and staffers cope with the situation.

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