Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Martinsville, IN: Police: Man killed woman after Facebook breakup

MARTINSVILLE, Ind. - A 24-year-old woman used Facebook to break up with her boyfriend before he shot and killed her, investigators said.

The man then used Facebook to apologize to the woman for what he was about to do, officials said.

Adam Foster, 32, was taken into custody Monday after Melissa Moore was fatally shot at a Martinsville home in the 1400 block of South Marion Street.

Martinsville Police Chief Darrell Davis said Foster called and told a 911 dispatcher that he shot someone and wanted to give himself up.

When officers arrived, they talked with Foster and told him to leave the weapon in the house and come out with his hands up, and he complied, police said.

Police declined to identify the murder weapon, but said Moore had suffered at least two gunshot wounds.

Moore's family said Foster was the woman's live-in boyfriend.

Neighbors said the couple had lived together and called the shooting unexpected.

"That's very shocking," said neighbor Donald Carver. "I couldn't believe that happened right here in this neighborhood. That's something that doesn't happen. I don't know what caused it. It must have been something real extreme."

The shooting happened in a bedroom, police said. A 14-month-old child in another bedroom, the daughter of Moore and Foster, was unhurt.

"This was just a senseless tragedy that didn't have to happen," a family member said.

Prosecutors are expected to file a murder charge against Foster.

Police said there is no record of previous trouble calls from the residence, and Foster has no record of arrest.

The child was placed in the custody of Child Protective Services.

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