Monday, July 16, 2012

Lake Worth, FL: Man Arrested For Driving Into Girlfriend's Family, Killing Her Mother: Cops

A Lake Worth man was being held without bond Monday after he crashed his car into girlfriend's family as they walked down the street, killing her mother, and then he drove away, authorities said.

Francisco Diego Pascual, 26, was in the Palm Beach County jail facing charges including first-degree murder and five counts of attempted first-degree murder, according to the arrest report. It wasn't immediately known if he had an attorney.

He turned himself in, authorities said.

Pascual crashed his gold 2001 GMC Yukon into the family and killed mother Cristina Andres, 37. He also hit the woman's husband and four children. She was pronounced dead by a Delray Medical Center doctor.

Andres' husband, Miguel Pedro Francisco, 37, and his 17-year-old daughter are hospitalized at Delray Medical Center. The 17-year-old is Francisco Diego Pascual's live-in girlfriend.

Two other children, ages 2 and 6, were hospitalized with cuts and bruises, but have been released. A 9-year-old daughter was not injured.

Pascual told authorities that he had fought with his girlfriend the night before because she didn't want to give him the keys to his car because she didn't want him drinking, the report said.

He then hit her with the door by accident and her parents began to hit and kick him, according to the arrest report.

Later, he bought an 18-pack of Bud Light beers and sat in a parking lot drinking them.

"He explained he was angry and 'in a rage,' from the parents hitting him, the report said. "He wanted to 'cause them trouble,' and hurt them."

As the family walked home from their weekly Sunday trip to the laundromat, he followed them and hit them, the report said.

"He did not stop to render aid, he did not look back or attempt to call for help," the report said.

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