Thursday, July 26, 2012

Manchester, CT: Manchester man accused of shooting girlfriend appears in court


There were some tense moments inside a Manchester courtroom as a suspect in a weekend killing appeared in court for the first time.

Steven Simpson, 23, is accused of shooting and killing his girlfriend, Annatassia Keise, 23, early Saturday morning.

In court, no less than 12 police officers were stationed inside so things didn't get out of hand in court.

Moments earlier they watched as the man accused of killing her stood before the judge.

Manchester police were called to an apartment complex on Falls View Road after receiving word a woman was shot and Simpson was shouting hysterically in the parking lot.

Keise was found suffering from at least three gunshot wounds.

According to court documents, Simpson admitted to shooting Keise.

He told police he was agitated after getting into an argument with a friend while going out, and when he came home he pulled out his gun.

She told him to put it away and pushed him away from her and, "the gun went off and he shot her."

Police said that inside the apartment there was a large quantity of marijuana that the two shared.

Simpson's bail was set at $2 million for the death of Keise, and $500,000 for operating a drug factory.

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