Saturday, July 14, 2012

Marshall County, OK: Attempted Murder Suicide Under Investigation in Marshall County

MARSHALL COUNTY, OK -- The small community on Cardinal Lane south of Enos, Oklahoma is a quiet one most any day.

"Most people stay to themselves. If they have a problem, they have a problem within their own group," resident Billy Joe Bowie said.

Bowie has lived on Cardinal Lane for 11 years. Most of the homes are vacation homes, but occasionally, there is trouble.

"We've had a few shootings around here. We get cops out here around once a month," said Bowie.

Friday, Marshall County Deputy David Barnes said something happened that frightened neighbors and had several law enforcement agencies lining the street.

"We got a call at [1:36 p.m.] that there had been a shooting. We arrived and began our investigation," said Barnes.

The incident is being called an attempted murder-suicide. One woman was Medivac flighted to an area hospital and was last reported in critical condition. The deceased shooter seemed to intentionally target someone he knew.

"It appears that Josh Mahaffey came to this residence looking for an ex girlfriend, shot her, then shot himself," Barnes said.

This isn't the first time the young woman had trouble with Mahaffey. Deputy David Barnes said he had a warrant out for domestic assault and battery and they have been looking for him for several weeks.

"We were looking for him for arrest. He had arrest warrants for domestic assault and battery and we've been looking for him for quite a while," said Barnes.

If most people stayed to themselves before, Bowie hopes it stays that way.
"No matter what they're doing or what they're into, that's their business and if they keep it their business and not put it into my business, we're ok with that," Bowie said. Deputies report that they are looking for a man who arrived at the house with Mahaffey. At this time they believe they know who he is, but are waiting to confirm more details before releasing a name and description.

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