Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Fort Worth, TX: Jury convicts Fort Worth man of murder in stabbing death of girlfriend

A jury deliberated less than a hour before convicting a Fort Worth man in the brutal stabbing of his girlfriend.

The jury in state District Judge Louis Sturns court found James Cody Sparks, 25, guilty of murder in the death of Christy Jenkins, 19, who was the mother of their two young children.

Sentencing phase of the trial is now beginning.

-Dianna Hunt

A jury is deliberating the fate of a Fort Worth man accused of brutally stabbing the mother of his children after an argument.

James Cody Sparks, 25, is charged with murder in the Sept. 27, 2010 death of Christy Jenkins, 19, who was mother to their 14-month- and 2-month old daughters at the time.

Prosecutors Sean Colston and Michelle Dobson presented evidence that Sparks had warned repeatedly that he might kill Jenkins. On the day she died, Jenkins had gone to talk to Sparks at his home and emerged after about 10 minutes running for help.

A neighbor caught up with her and asked who stabbed her, Colston told jurors in closing arguments.

"Cody," she said.

"Where are you stabbed?" Jenkins was asked.

"All over," she replied.

"Then she collapsed," Colston said. "This is not a whodunit. Cody Sparks is in fact guilty of the offense of murder."

Defense attorney Edwin Youngblood urged jurors to weigh the evidence and consider only that which is credible.

"There are gaps in the evidence," Youngblood said.

A jury of only 11 people is deliberating the case before state District Judge Louis Sturns. One of the jurors recogned members of the victim's family and alerted the judge that he or should could not be impartial.

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