Sunday, August 15, 2010

Gallatin, TN: Sumner Co. Man Arrested In Ex-Girlfriend's Death

Victim's Body Found With Multiple Stab Wounds
POSTED: 2:53 pm CDT August 13, 2010
UPDATED: 8:14 am CDT August 14, 2010

GALLATIN, Tenn. -- A Hendersonville man is in jail in connection with the death of his ex-girlfriend.
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Police believe Joshua Singletary, 25, stabbed Lydia Gutierrez, 27, several times in the neck. Officers found the woman's body in her home Thursday afternoon.
Shortly afterward, they found Singletary at a Hendersonville hospital, where he was being treated for cuts on his hands and leg.
Singletary is being held without bond at the Sumner County Jail. Police had no record of prior domestic problems between the two people.

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Battlefield Promotion said...

This man you have posted here has been cleared. NOW what? You media people always go stick your nose in the middle of negative situations and yet today he was cleared and everything dropped and not a camera or media person in sight. What is he to do now? How does he move on? His name his face posted everywhere. For once people stop and put others shoes on your feet. Get your information 1st then give it. 1 a life was lost and that family now has no idea no closure and 2 we now have a man held for months and will have to some how pick up pieces and try to live a now. Just seems things should have been handeled better then this. So many questions still left unanswered.