Monday, August 30, 2010

Chicago, IL: Deaf And Mute Man Charged With Wife's Murder

CHICAGO (AP) ― Prosecutors in Chicago say a deaf and mute man stabbed his wife to death on their 10th wedding anniversary and still had blood on his hands when he confessed to a police sign language interpreter.

At a court appearance Friday, a Circuit Court judge denied bond for 40-year-old South Side resident Charles Hughes.

Police say Hughes was holding a bloody knife when they arrived at the his apartment early Wednesday morning. They say he dropped the knife and held out his hands in a "cuff-me" motion.

Hughes is charged with first-degree murder for allegedly killing 44-year-old Debra Haywood-Hughes, who was also deaf and mute. Police say he stabbed her 20 times, including in the back, chest and stomach.

Prosecutors say Hughes summoned police himself, using a special service for the hearing-impaired.

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