REDWOOD CITY — A 53-year-old man known as the "Gilligan Robber" for committing a string of bank robberies while wearing a floppy fisherman's hat was sentenced Monday to 12 years in state prison for the fatal stabbing of his wife.

Robert Lomas, who was found guilty of voluntary manslaughter in April for the May 2007 death of 50-year-old Linda Lomas, whom he had known since they were both 16, sat at the defense table in an orange jail jumpsuit and did not make a statement.

Before the sentencing, Lomas' defense attorney, Richard Keyes, asked San Mateo County Superior Court Judge Clifford Cretan to consider Lomas' good behavior in jail for the past two years. He said the killing of his wife was committed in "deep passion," because Lomas thought his wife was cheating on him.

"The rage that occurred on May 21 was a product of a long spiral," said Keyes, who had argued during the trial that Lomas robbed banks in an attempt to buy back his wife's affection.

Prosecutor Ivan Nightengale, however, told Cretan that Lomas' explosive temper is exactly why he deserves a long sentence.

"Mr. Lomas' inability to control his rage is the whole reason we're here," Nightengale said. "It's what led to the untimely death of his wife."

Nightengale also referred to Lomas' testimony during the trial, in which he described punching his wife so hard her dentures fell out before stabbing her to death.

After he stabbed her, Lomas testified

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he then "left her in a pool of her own blood," took her cell phone and walked to a nearby store to buy a pack of cigarettes. Then he called 911 to report his wife's death — but not to summon help to save her, Nightengale said.

After the sentencing, juror Susan Mairs, of Menlo Park, said she had wanted Lomas to be convicted of second-degree murder and was appalled at his sentence.

She said that among members of the jury, she had felt the most strongly that Lomas committed second-degree murder, but said she agreed to convict him of voluntary manslaughter to avoid a mistrial.

Lomas' sentence also includes time for his conviction on seven felony counts of robbery. Lomas was known as the "Gilligan Robber" for robbing eight banks in San Carlos, Redwood City, Mountain View and Newark, all while wearing a distinctive, floppy hat that served to obscure his face in security-camera footage.

With credit for time served, Lomas will likely serve fewer than 10 years in prison, Nightengale said.