Friday, April 6, 2012

Tunica, MS: Casino Murder Victim Was 5 Months Pregnant

(Collierville, TN) The father of a 25-year-old woman stabbed to death at a Tunica casino believes his daughter may have been murdered because she was trying to leave her boyfriend.

Brandi Floyd was five months pregnant when she was stabbed to death at Hollywood Casino Thursday morning.

Nathaniel Yates the third is being held as a suspect and had a one year old daughter with Floyd.

Brandi’s father Travis says he has always been wary of Yates because of his extensive criminal background for drugs.

He says Brandi tried to fix Yates and it may have killed her, “She was loving, and giving and unfortunately that cost her life,.”

Floyd says he didn’t know there were any problems between his daughter Brandi and her fiancĂ© Nathaniel Yates III.

But now, friends are coming forward to tell him about their problems including past domestic violence.

“I saw her a few weeks ago and she seemed fine, but I think maybe she was hiding something,” said Floyd.

Floyd thinks she may have told her she wanted to leave.

“I’m assuming probably she was crying for me, and I wasn’t there,” said Floyd.

Floyd and Yates were engaged to be married within in the next couple of months.

They were living together in Collierville.

Travis Floyd had just paid the house off for Brandi and was planning to tell her next week on her birthday.

Floyd’s biggest fear is that her one and a half-year old daughter Branae won’t remember her mother, “You kind of like to know your daughter is remembered by somebody. And you know he took it away.”

Brandi’s stepmother Natalie says she worked hard at being a good mother and worked several jobs, “She was a great mother. She was great. She wanted everything for her child you know.”

Floyd says nothing will bring Brandi back, but he wants to see the killer put away for good, “All I can do is pray that the justice meets the crime. He killed two people. He killed her and he killed his own son.”

The Floyd family says they will have a private funeral because they are too emotional for a public gathering, and Brandi’s daughter Brenae is staying with the suspect’s mother.

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