Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Schertz, TX: Charges filed against man who shot pregnant girlfriend

SCHERTZ, Texas - Police have released new details on the shooting of a pregnant woman in Schertz. Her unborn baby died and her boyfriend is now behind bars.

The March 22 shooting was first believed to be an accident, but an investigation has revealed that may not be the case. Officers now say the man did not shoot his girlfriend on accident.

Sergio Chavez, 26, is in the Guadalupe County jail.

The shooting took place on the porch of the couple's home on Tulip Road. Sergio Chavez told police he saw a rabbit in the yard and grabbed a rifle. Back in March, he said he missed his target, because his pregnant girlfriend, 21-year-old Michelle James, nudged him.

Police say Chavez shot James in the abdomen and took her to the hospital, where she recovered. The baby was initially expected to survive but the four-month-old fetus died a week later.

Meanwhile, officers learned new details that changed the course of the investigation.

"They were able to interview a lot of people associated with the family as well as the victim," City of Schertz spokesman Brad Bailey said. "Of course, she was hospitalized. At that time, it was decided charges should be looked into."

Chavez was charged with aggravated assault-family violence. He also has an ICE hold against him.

Schertz Police says the death of an unborn baby is a gray area in Texas law, but the District Attorney will consider additional charges against Chavez, including capital murder.

An autopsy will be performed on the fetus.

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