Thursday, April 12, 2012

Brooklyn, NY: 'She was his whole world': Distraught New York husband shoots his MS-stricken wife and himself dead

A man shot his wife to death and killed himself after he became overwhelmed by how much the woman suffering she endured from having multiple sclerosis. Vincent Tropeano, 74, shot his wife, Elaine, 63, in the head before turning the .32-caliber pocket pistol on himself at their Brooklyn, New York home this weekend, according to police.

Neighbours say the man was devoted to his sick wife, who became so debilitated from her illness that she couldn't use the bathroom on her own, law-enforcement officials said.

Police said the man asked his wife: 'Do you want to go out like this?' before he shot her. The couple had been married for at least 35 years, neighbours said. They had two adult sons named Vinny and Steven, and a number of grandchildren.

Rose Hall, who recently began helping Tropeano's wife as a home aide, told the New York Post that she was at the first-floor apartment when the man ordered her to leave. She called 911 crying. Police arrived to find the couple dead. Ms Hall told the newspaper: 'After being married that long, you would think they would be in love. But if he could kill her like that, I couldn't call that love.'

But neighbours described Tropeano as a man who was dedicated to his wife. They enjoyed traveling and spending time together. But the wife's multiple sclerosis considerably limited her life for the last 20 years. She used a cane and switched to crutches.Later on, she couldn't walk at all and had to use a wheelchair.Her illness became so severe that she had to undergo rehabilitation treatment at a facility. But Tropeano recently pulled her out of the center because he wasn't pleased with the care provided.

Longtime neighbour Nathan Bershadsky told the Post: 'She was his whole world. 'But Tropeano, who recently created a ramp at their home so his wife could be taken outside easily, had a grim outlook about their future. Mr Bershadsky went on to say: He would say there's nothing that's ever going to change. It's only going to get worse.'

Earlier last week, police removed eight rifles and two shotguns found at the home. Tropeano was issued a summons because he did not have a permit for the weapons.

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