Saturday, March 3, 2012

Beaumont, TX: Murder warrant issued for missing woman's boyfriend; truck found

BEAUMONT - Investigators have issued a murder warrant for a man they believe killed his girlfriend, and while they've found her partially burned truck, so far there's no sign of the woman or the prime suspect.

Police have issued a murder warrant for Jesus Castrejon, 52, for the murder of his girlfriend, Reina Janeth Cornejo-Trigueros, 37. Investigators say he might be headed to California or Mexico.

They're looking as far back as Saturday for clues to how it all started. That's when they say Reina and her boyfriend got into an argument. That's also when her cell phone service was cut off.

Reina worked at Willy Burger with her sister. She's been with the restaurant since it opened last year. Reina dropped off her sister at work around 8:30 Monday morning. The owner of Willy Burger says they received a call from Reina around 9:00 saying she was going to be late to work.

She made that call from a pay phone at the Valero station on Highway 105 in Sour Lake. The restaurant contacted police when Reina didn't show up.

"Never missed a day's work, never called in late," owner Colburn McClelland told KFDM News. "A model employee. Just a true team member. Got along with everyone here. Just a sweet person."

Officers found Reina's Nissan truck Thursday near Highway 59 in Montgomery County along the San Jacinto River. Her boyfriend lives in Conroe.

A number of officers were searching the area Friday near the river for her body. They're using K-9's. At newstime, searchers had not found her.

Investigators say evidence in the truck indicates there was a struggle and they believe she was murdered. The truck was partially burned. Rod Carroll with the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office says they need the public's help. They're looking for anyone who may have seen her at the Valero.

"We know she was there," Deputy Carroll told KFDM News. "Was she there with him? What condition was she in? Did anyone notice a woman at the phone crying? Was she kidnapped prior and taken against her will?"

KFDM News checked Public Data and it indicates the suspect has a lengthy criminal background.

Officers want to catch him as quickly as possible.

"Take another human's life," said Deputy Carroll. "If you've done it once you'll do it again. The issue being protect the public."

If you have any information about the missing woman or the suspect call your local law enforcement agency.

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