Monday, March 12, 2012

Brooklyn, NY: Grieving mother lashes out at 'monster' who killed her daughter & 2 grandkids

A grieving grandmother railed today against the "cruel monster" who slaughtered her daughter and two grandkids in a Brooklyn bloodbath, as a judge sentenced him to 40 years to life in prison.
Clutching a photo of the victims' tombstone, Ana Ybe tearfully lashed out at Jermaine Ruiz for killing his girlfriend, Jessica Ybe, and two of her daughters from other men in a fit of jealous rage, while sparing the 10-month-old twins he had fathered with her.
"You are not a human being, you are a cruel monster," Ana Ybe said. "I hope you never get out so you won't kill any more children."

Ruiz repeatedly stabbed Jesicca Ybe in the back inside her East Flastbush apartment in January 2010, then stuffed her in a plastic bag. The stabbed bodies of her daughters, Jelyhanna, 2 and Sasha, 3, were found wrapped in carpet.
He spared his then-10-month-old twins, Emannuel and Farrah, who are now being raised by their 49-year-old grandmother.
Ybe said she tells the twins, who turn three this month, that their mother "is in heaven."
"How much damage did you do to Emannuel and Farrah?" she said of the twins, who were in the apartment at the time of the triple-murder. "And you call yourself a father!"
But she pledged to never say a bad word about Ruiz to the twins after she trashed him as "selfish and cruel."
"I swear to you today, even though you don't deserve it, I will never speak badly of you to Emannuel and Farrah, because I do what's best for them," Ybe said.
Prosecutors had objected to Ruiz taking a plea, saying the killer should be locked up with no chance at parole
"He tried to imply that he acted in self-defense," prosecutor Edward Purce said, adding that Ruiz tried to pin the girls' deaths on their mom. "He was not remorseful in any way."
A source said Ruiz acted out of jealousy after the 23-year-old mother of four rekindled a relationship with a former flame.
"He's a bad man," Ybe said. "He chose to kill the three of them."
Recalling 3-year-old Sasha as a happy child who loved music, the grandmother angrily said Ruiz was a disgrace as a father.
"She learned to speak and was able to call you 'Daddy,'" she said.

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