Saturday, March 17, 2012

Oklahoma CIty, OK: Dozens of witnesses watch as woman is stabbed to death at downtown Oklahoma City bus hub

Dozens of horrified witnesses watched Friday as a woman was stabbed to death at Oklahoma City's downtown Metro Transit hub.

Tia Bloomer, 19, was stabbed multiple times before a security guard pulled the suspect off her and put him in handcuffs about 10:30 a.m., police said. Police arrested Isaiah Tryon, 22, on a murder complaint.
Police and court records show Tryon was the father of Bloomer's 2-year-old child and had a history of violence toward her. He was serving a deferred sentence after pleading guilty in November to abusing Bloomer and also was accused of firing a gun at her in 2010 while she was holding their baby.

Quennin Tillman, of Oklahoma City, said he had just come out of the restroom inside the transit hub's main building at 420 NW 5 when he heard a woman scream before she fell face down just inside the building's front entrance.
“He laid on her back and stabbed her 15 to 20 times that I saw,” Tillman said. “There were so many people, no one could get in to help.”
Tillman said the security guard moved everyone out of the building seconds after the attack.

“The security guard deserves a medal,” Tillman said. “He was real quick at getting him into handcuffs.”
Another witness, Brittany Brown, of Oklahoma City, said the entire attack took only a few seconds and was over before the shock wore off on those who saw it.
“All I heard was her scream, and then I turned around and he was on top of her jabbing at her,” Brown said.

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