Sunday, March 11, 2012

San Antonio, TX: Woman killed in murder-suicide identified

An apparent murder-suicide has left a young man and woman dead and the woman's 1-year-old son in critical condition Friday.

Sheriff's officials said Landon Joseph Keller opened fire on 20 year old Katie Fierro and her baby, who were in the front yard at Keller's home in the 6900 block of Oldham in Northeast Bexar County.

A neighbor who witnessed the shooting then challenged Keller with a gun in the front yard of the home, but Keller ran inside, sheriff's officials said.

"I heard ... four gunshot," said the neighbor, who asked to be identified as "Pops." "I jumped, looked out my window, and I saw a body laying there."

After hearing the gunshots, he remembers telling his wife to bring his gun, and walking out the door to see what was going on.

"When I stepped out to where I could see completely down there, the boy that had done the shooting was standing out in front of his house with the pistol in his mouth," the man said.

Pops said he pointed his gun at Keller, who then turned to run inside the house.

"I didn’t want the guy to open the door and shoot the baby again, so I went running over there and the other boy went running over there to check the baby," Pops said.

About 30 seconds later, he says he heard another shot, which he believes was Keller turning the gun on himself.

When sheriff's officials arrived at the scene, they found Keller dead inside the home.

Fierro died at the scene while her baby was airlifted to a hospital.

According to Keller's Facebook page, he works as a security officer/Guard Supervisor with Statewide Patrol.

Also according to Keller's Facebook page, Keller claims Fierro is his wife. Fierro's Facebook page says she is married, but does not say to whom.

So far no word on a motive for the shooting, but in the span of only a minute or two, two people were dead, and a young child was left fighting for its life.

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