Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Poestenkill, NY: Looking for answers in double murder-suicide attempt

POESTENKILL -- Authorities say two people were shot in the chest as they were walking in the door of the house.
Officials say the man who lived here, 70-year-old Robert Pryor, shot his daughter, 49-year-old Laurie Fisher, and his granddaughter's boyfriend, 24-year-old Anthony Delgado.
According to Rensselaer County Sheriff Jack Mahar, the young couple was staying here to help Pryor, because of some health issues, and Pryor's daughter was visiting.
"Laurie left with Anthony Delgado to go to the store. They received a call from Robert Pryor to return to the house. When they returned to the house, he opened fire on the two of them as they entered the residence," said Rensselaer County Sheriff Jack Mahar.
Mahar says Pryor then shot himself in the head with the revolver. His injured daughter managed to call 9-1-1. Emergency crews were called to this house at 9403 Route 66 at about 3 p-m.
"The suspect, shooter, was sitting on the couch in the living room. They retrieved the weapon from him, saw the other two victims and immediately began to provide EMT care," said Sheriff Mahar.
Pryor was pronounced dead about an hour later.
Authorities say at least four rounds were fired, and that there were several guns in the house.
What they're still working on is why. But they believe Pryor may have had mental health issues.
"It's crazy," said neighbor Janelle Bulan. "You move into the country so you get away from this stuff. This isn't supposed to happen here."
Residents in this Poestenkill neighborhood say people moved into the house only about three weeks ago.
"They're new to this neighborhood. The most problems we've had in the past is raccoons and cats fighting, not shootings. It just doesn't happen out here. It's crazy."
Both victims were taken to Albany Med, where Fisher is listed in serious condition. Anthony Delgado is in critical. Authorities say there is damage to his heart.
We spoke with Pryor's son, Todd, in Alabama, who says he spoke to Pryor minutes before the shooting, and that at that time, he says his father was completely with it, not crazy, but at the end of his rope.. angry with his daughter for what he called taking things from him.
Todd Pryor says his father was a good father.
He says he called 911 as soon as he got off the phone with him, but by the time they patched him through to Rensselaer County, it was too late.

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