Thursday, July 15, 2010

Olathe, KS: Keighley Ann Alyea's Ex-Boyfriend Sentenced in 18-Year-Old's Murder

Posted by Edecio Martinez

Keighley Ann Alyea (Personal Photo) OLATHE, Kan. (CBS/AP) An 18-year-old eastern Kansas man was sentenced to almost 69 years in jail for the death of his ex-girlfriend Keighley Ann Alyea, who was left to die in the trunk of a car.
PICTURES: Keighley Ann Alyea Murdered

A Johnson County judge ruled Tuesday that Justin Hilt of Shawnee deserved the "hard 50" sentence - 50 years without a chance of parole - he received for the murder of the Overland Park 18-year-old.
Prosecutors say Alyea was stabbed 30 times, beaten and choked before being left in the car trunk on Sept. 30, 2009. Her body was found about a week later in rural Cass County.

Police had been concerned that she was in danger after she intervened on Sept. 28 in a violent argument between Hilt and his sister.

The Kansas City Star reports that Hilt received, in addition to the 50 years for murder, almost 19 more years for the kidnapping and robbery.

Two other men have been charged in Alyea's death.

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