Monday, July 12, 2010

Article: Candlelight vigil held for woman killed by stalker

Lori Obert Kevin Torres Date last updated: 7/11/2010 11:32:30 PM

LEADVILLE - Family and friends of Yvonne Floras held a candle light vigil in Leadville Sunday night to honor the woman they called "Vonnie". Vonnie was killed this past week by her next door neighbor, Anthony Medina. Medina had been stalking her for years.

"She would not go anywhere without me because she was petrified of this man," Yvonne's husband Dave said. "If we went up to the store, I went with her. That day we let our guard down for a second, just for a second".

At that second, Yvonne decided to go to the store to pick up some medication. When she pulled in to her driveway, Medina shot and killed her.

David Floras heard the shots from inside and then saw Medina take his life.

"I looked out the window and I said, 'Oh my God he's shooting her!' And then I saw him put the gun to his head and boom. I was in shock. I ran out there and I grabbed her, turned her over. I looked at her in her eyes and she was still breathing. I told her to hang on," Floras said.

"If you could see the feat that woman had in her eyes. There was so much fear I will never forget that. Looking at my wife on the ground and her eyes were so big and green."

Floras said the last thing he said to his wife was "I love you."

Floras says it bother him that Medina took his own life moments after taking Yvonne's bothers him.

"I think he shot her and then himself so they could be together and I wouldn't be there," Floras said.

David Floras blames the District Attorney's office. After his wife turned Medina in for stalking her, Medina was arrested. He eventually got out. Floras said authorities only offered his wife a ten foot restraining order.

"My wife is a victim of the system," Floras said. "The system killed my wife, because they didn't do anything".

Floras says he is more angry with the system, than with Medina.

A service for Yvonne Floras will be held on Monday.

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