Monday, February 6, 2012

Toledo, OH: Toledo man stabbed to death in domestic dispute

TOLEDO, Ohio -
A man was found dead inside his east Toledo home around 8:00 Saturday evening.

Toledo police say Jeffrey Fitzpatrick, 50, was found with one stab wound to the chest on the 1300 block of Greenwood, near White Street. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

His partner, 45-year-old Jane Campos, is being charged for murder and is being held in the Lucas County Corrections Center.

Fitzpatrick's family members say he called his mom just hours before the stabbing.
"He could hardly talk," says the victim's sister, Selena Owens. "He was out of breath. He told my mom that his ribs were broken."

Police believe a domestic altercation led up to the stabbing. Family members say domestic violence has been going on for years between the two.

"He'd come to my old house that I used to live at with black eyes," says Owens. "I mean, he was beat up, he's been cut, he shaved his head because she's dragged him by his hair."

One of Campos' family members claims the whole thing was an accident.

Mary Costilla says, "She said that before she left the house that he fell on a sharp object, and she just left him there, because she said she doesn't care anymore, because she's tired of him hitting her."

Campos will face a judge Monday morning at Toledo Municipal Court.

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