Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Drakesboro, KY: Man Shot Dead After Allegedly Pointing A Gun At Three Officers

What police say was a domestic dispute turned deadly last night.

Muhlenberg County authorities got domestic violence call around 8:30 to a home on Wadford Street in Drakesboro.

"There was a very loud noise, a lot of cops," says Lisa Phelps, who has lived in the neighborhood her whole life.

Another neighbor, Kevin Fraizer says he didn't know what was happening, "it was kind of frightening to see 9 or ten police cars coming around the corner."

Kentucky State Police Trooper, Stu Recke says when Sheriff Curtis McGehee and two other deputies, Terry Vick and Troy Gibson got there, 40-year old Hargis A. Gibson shot a round from his handgun into the ceiling.

"Officers pleaded with him to put the weapon down," says Trooper Recke, "he then pointed the weapon at Sheriff McGehee and the officers fired at the subject, fatally wounding him."

Kentucky State Police is still investigating the incident.

Neighbors say Gibson hasn't lived in the area long.

"When he moved into the neighborhood he introduced himself and he would come around every so often to speak to me," says Fraizer, "my initial thought was I just think that's a terrible thing. So, I tried and stood over in the yard for a minute to try and find out what happened."

For this small community of about 600, it's left some shocked.

"We're trying to get our community back," says Phelps, "like it was years ago where kids can ride bikes in the street go to school and you know, it's just gotten so out of hand it's just like anywhere else."

Phelps believes the Sheriff say he did what he had to.

"He's always been a pastor, a good person always willing to help. This is before and present."

Friends and family of Gibson met at his home in Drakesboro earlier today.

They didn't want comment on the incident but were grieving their loved one.

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